A Free Home

05 May

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A thought, thought out and expressed in words, for those who are desirous to benefit from: otherwise it may prove to be like alms and advice, if not accepted, remain with the giver with no loss to him, but the great to the loser.

“The advantages of a “United Family” are many, but certain have vital importance; and one who is not prepared to benefit is like TANTALUS, a king as mentioned in Greek Mythology who had to suffer the eternal punishment of thirst and hunger for his abominable behaviors. He was hung under a tree in a position of legs up and head down due to the curse of God. He was thus continued to be punished with longing of water and food (fruits). He was hung in such a manner that his lips touched water and fruits but could not drink a single drop of water or eat a single fruit in spite of being there gallons of water and heaps of fruits beneath his head and he had to remain so as if in a desert.

These advantages are as follows:

(1) To share the happiness amongst the members of the family;
(2) To get relief in the times of miseries; and
(3) To bring up the young ones in harmonious way by training them to develop their virtues of tolerance and sacrifice.

Conclusion is that such family should live in “A Free Home” and not in “A Material House” which is built with walls in which the members live like in a Hotel or a Hostel where the facilities are, no doubt, provided; but it cannot be “A Home” where the paradise itself comes down from the sky above.”

-Valibhai Musa

(4th Nov., 1997 at 00.30 a.m.)


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2 responses to “A Free Home

  1. Ramesh Patel

    May 5, 2010 at 1:17 pm

    we all need such home.your views are focusing on a step towards heaven
    for which we are looking.
    impressed with deep feelings.

    Ramesh Patel(Aakashdeep)

    To make a home…

    few lines of my poem..

    My grand child Janu came and told me

    What are you writing my grand dad?

    “Holy home land” I smile and said

    How we can make a home? suddenly she asked?

    When human hearts enjoy the life,

    and we all have luck to live with grand child,

    Hearing a laughter of family and friends,

    We can make home from house.

    Ramesh Patel(Aakashdeep)


  2. Rajendra M.Trivedi, M.D.

    May 10, 2010 at 7:49 am

    Join family is great as as long as there is give and take.
    Not me me me !
    Not yours is mine and mine is mine!
    Not like our vedas says “Vasudhev Kutumbkam!”

    In Join family elder let go and love – Forgive and forget.
    And yonger Listen and respect elders.
    All perform the given duty faithfully.

    Rajendra Trivedi, M. D.



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