Not All Doctors Money Hungry

22 May


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I had mentioned in my previous blog post – “All’s Well that Ends Well” about the above titled News Report. The said report was published in a leading News Paper “Early Times” when Dr. Alimohmad Musa was alive and his practice was flourishing to reap the rewards of many years of study.

Under the Title – “Where We live”, the Early Time’s Staff Reporter Mr. Ron Gower had expressed his views in his Column as follows:

“When President and Hillary Clinton began emphasizing health care reform, hundreds of things went through my mind regarding what should be done to keep health cost down. Needless to say, the high cost of medical services was among the topics I felt –and still feel– should be somehow brought under control.

There is no question many doctors charge too much for doing too little. Many people have mentioned how they spent time in a hospital, had a doctor poke his head in the door, ask how they felt, and then charged a hefty fee.

I once took a family member to a specialist in Allentown. We waited two hours in waiting room, had the specialist look in her ear, worked on her another two or three minutes , and charged $ 125. Then there was the time, we took my father-in-law to an emergency room. He had a very sore foot. The doctor there examined it, and then chastised us for bringing him there for “something trivial”. We demanded another doctor. It turned out he was admitted with gangrene.

On the other hand, there are some great doctors in the medical profession and we have some of them right in our area. These are doctors who care; who are courteous, sympathetic, patient, honest, and who charge rates which don’t give a heart attack when he gets the bill. Obviously, we haven’t met every doctor in the area. So, we can only write about physicians with whom we had first hand experiences.

One I have the highest praise for is Dr. Alimohamad Musa of Palmerton. He has treated quite a few members of our family, some with very serious problems. There were times he had to refer us to specialists and those specialists – who admitted they never met him – spoke highly of the preliminary treatment he had rendered.

Most recently, my father-in-law died. Dr. Musa has been his physician well over 10 years. My father-in-law had many serious problems including gangrene in both legs, several stokes, aneurisms, and pneumonia. Dr. Musa never gave up on him. Until the very end, he gave his best shot at curing David. He called in specialists and he demanded the best of care from the nurses at Palmerton Hospital.

Most of all, if we didn’t find Dr. Musa in the Hospital, he would call us regularly on the phone to let us know the status. The end came for David in the middle of the night. The first thing the following morning, Dr. Musa called to offer his sorrow. He also sent a sympathy card.

Dr. Musa was never a social friend. He only has had professional contact with us. But he went a little further than strictly business – he made us feel we were dealing with a caring person. I’m convinced we were.”

Further, in the said reporting, the Columnist mentioned other doctors dedicated to their profession. They were Dr. Marvin Snyder, Physician; Dr. Orlando Aso, Surgeon; Dr. John Steele, Physician; Dr. Terry Robbins and Dr. Susan Kucrirka both Dermatologists.

Then, Mr. Gower concludes his Report in these words: “When national health care reform measures are considered, it would be great if some of the professionals mentioned were contacted for advice. They certainly shine in their profession in my opinion.”

That’s all, my Good Readers, See you again at the next blog post, but with a tragic episode of Dr. Musa’s life to say no more with us, titled as “Dr. Musa, Physician will be missed.”

– Valibhai Musa
22nd May, 2007


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3 responses to “Not All Doctors Money Hungry

  1. Anisa Musa

    May 31, 2007 at 10:46 am

    Dear Uncle,
    I have been reading some of the blogs you have been posting and they are quite interesting. I really enjoyed the two about my father. Regarding the first one, I never knew the hardships that he went through to reach his goals. But, fortunately, he never gave up, and that is definetely a source of inspiration for me. And as far the second one, it is always nice to hear other people speaking so kindly of him. He will always be remembered for his kind heartedness. I hope you will post more about him, as I enjoyed reading those two.



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