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The Demise of a Gentleman

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I am going to talk about a Genius personality who is no more to day on earth. In brief, I can say that he was a Local Hero of his time. My relation with him was undefined, but I’ll name it as Friendship. He was Mr. Ahmadbhai Palasara of Kanodar who died at 44.

I had written a letter of Condolence to the Late’s united family then. The entire letter with prior permission of his family members is represented here which itself is self explanatory to know the Late better.

“Dear family members of the Late Janab Ahmadbhai,

We are very sorry for the passing away of Ahmadbhai, untimely and all of a sudden amongst us. We hope you may find some comfort in our message of condolence.

In these moments of great sadness, we pray to the Almighty God with the medium of the Infallibles to rest the departed soul amongst His chosen ones, in the proximity of the Infallibles and amongst the souls of those people who enjoy the mercy and pleasure of Him. Surely, from God we come and to Him shall we return.

The Late is now in need of the prayers and charity behind him for heavenly comfort and peace. We do hope that you may find understanding by our Faith and as time goes by that you all the family members are not to forget the loss, but to ease the pain.

Our family as well as business relationships had caused to sit together for hours with him frequently and we had the discussions about various topics from personal ones to all aspects of human life. He was a friend, philosopher and guide for anybody who might approach him for any problem which confused him. He was a genius fellow with God-gifted personality and intelligence. He had the solutions of any problem at his tongue-tip. I have come across so many personalities, but never witnessed such a fine, emotional, far-seeing and plain hearted fellow like Ahmadbhai. While many people live on the wings of fancy, he was a result-oriented man, a man of firm decision and a man putting the thoughts into action. His passing away causing us to weep behind is felt like sliding of earth from-under our feet, but our religious and particularly our community school of thought teaches us to surrender ourselves to the will of the God.

Summing up, please don’t hesitate for any kind of services from our end, as and when needed, as it becomes your right and our duty owing to multiple interwoven relations between our two families.

With Deepest Sympathy,



Dated: 29th July, 1997

Lastly, a message to my Blog Readers as follows:

“A short but quality living is greater than the quantity living measured in years.”


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The Steady Progress

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Once, I had communicated a Congratulation Letter to our next door neighbor’s son for his grand success in his S.S.C. Exam. As per my counseling, he kept on his spirit in further college education also. Now a day, he is settled at
Canada with his best performance in IT career. He did show his steady progress in his studies; but worldwide, there may be so many students who become the victims of ‘Wastage’ and ‘Stagnation’ to say, in Educational Term. After wasting time, money and energy for years, they people obtain nothing. Such Failures may be titled as Shakespeare’s play – Much Ado About Nothing!

Here, I represent some useful Tips from the said letter for those who may wish to benefit from:

(1) The grand success at initial level is not all in all.

(2) One must continue the same struggle and spirit in future also.

(3) Purity of intention and sincerity in action always bring good results.

(4) No doubt, it is said, “The good beginning is half done”; but it is possible that the ‘Half done’ may convert into ‘Undone’ also if the same spirit is not maintained.

(5) In literary words, it is suggested to such Primary Heroes to throw a wet blanket on the present achievement and look forward to new criteria.

Summing up, ‘Transfer of Training’ is a root principle in Psychology. Accordingly, the above Tips can be applied to various fields of life of an Individual. They may concern also to any backward communities, undeveloped societies or even nations if they want the steady progress. The base quality can acquire any shape suitable to necessities.

You know, “Necessity is the mother of invention’, my Dear Readers.

Let us depart, meanwhile…..


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Happiness and Gloomy

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An extract from a Birthday Greeting Letter to my niece residing in States:-

“My dear Child,

Today is your Birth Day. I, on behalf of our rest United Family here in India, pray the Almighty God with the media of the Infallibles to favor you with His mercy and kindness to achieve both worldly and spiritual prosperities in your life.

As you may be aware of the Astronomical truth that the 21st June is the longest day having the shortest night of the year. In literary language, it may be said that the day is the sign of happiness and the darkness of the night shows gloomy. You would have understood what I mean to say. After all, the life is, in real sense, a life when there is the combination of both happiness and gloomy. Being interested in literature, I compare the event in such a way just as the content of this letter. But, as far as our religious doctrines are concerned, we should fulfill our duties with no care of results as the fundamental principle of the religion is ‘ To surrender ourselves to the will of God.’

Summing up, my views and ideas are like an open book and I allow you to communicate to whom-so-ever it may concern, I don’t mind.”

6th June, 1997


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A chosen paragraph from a letter to my adopted sister is presented here below:

“Dear sister,

As you had told me once, when I was given lift in your car while returning from our religious place, that which relationship as brother and sister could be considered greater whether the real – related with blood or such bound with feelings. There was my quick reply that it depends upon the understandings of each other. Your straight question was in reference to our mutual relationship as brother and sister.

To clarify my point, I would like to illustrate you an example from the play – “King Lear” written by Shakespeare. The same question as you put before me was asked by the king to his daughters one by one regarding the relationship of the father and daughters. The answer of the youngest daughter was based on reality which King Lear disliked, but later on in the worst times, he realized that the answers of the rest daughters were artificial just to please him and the youngest one was right.” My sister, our life is a school where we have continuously to learn till the last breath of our life. Love of any category is not dependent on words if it is true.”

7th July, 1997

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A Free Home

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A thought, thought out and expressed in words, for those who are desirous to benefit from: otherwise it may prove to be like alms and advice, if not accepted, remain with the giver with no loss to him, but the great to the loser.

“The advantages of a “United Family” are many, but certain have vital importance; and one who is not prepared to benefit is like TANTALUS, a king as mentioned in Greek Mythology who had to suffer the eternal punishment of thirst and hunger for his abominable behaviors. He was hung under a tree in a position of legs up and head down due to the curse of God. He was thus continued to be punished with longing of water and food (fruits). He was hung in such a manner that his lips touched water and fruits but could not drink a single drop of water or eat a single fruit in spite of being there gallons of water and heaps of fruits beneath his head and he had to remain so as if in a desert.

These advantages are as follows:

(1) To share the happiness amongst the members of the family;
(2) To get relief in the times of miseries; and
(3) To bring up the young ones in harmonious way by training them to develop their virtues of tolerance and sacrifice.

Conclusion is that such family should live in “A Free Home” and not in “A Material House” which is built with walls in which the members live like in a Hotel or a Hostel where the facilities are, no doubt, provided; but it cannot be “A Home” where the paradise itself comes down from the sky above.”

-Valibhai Musa

(4th Nov., 1997 at 00.30 a.m.)


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