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A Challenging Puzzle (3 in 1)

My intelligent Readers,

Welcome. The title is exciting, isn’t it? No any preamble, nothing.  Please go to the Puzzle straightway below:

“There are two similar gates, one leading to Heaven and the other to Hell. I am sure you will like to go to Heaven; but imaginary, not really! Everybody is willing to go to Heaven, but nobody is prepared to die. Praying to God, “Live long.”

Let us move further. Two gate-keepers are already there to ask for. But, tragedy is there; one is a liar and the other a truth-speaker. You can understand who may be representing Heaven and who the Hell.

Part – I

Now, you have to form a single question and ask to any one you like. Nothing is written on any one’s forehead, otherwise it would have been easy for you to know the qualities of the gate-keepers.

This puzzle is really a puzzle because there is no any indication from the narrator’s side. All you have to do is to form such a question with which you can get the answer through which gate you can go to the Heaven. Being the puzzle abstruse, please don’t waste your time more than 5 minutes.

If you raise your hands up, go to my previous blog – “Equivocal Pronunciation” dated 14th June, 2007 (Annexure – I). There you will find the ready-made question to be asked for your purpose.

Part – II

In the title, (3 in 1) is written. You have missed the first enjoyment by failing to form the question. No matter. Now, you can ask that ready-made question to anybody you like with no any tension. The gate-keeper whom you ask the question will answer with either ‘this gate’ or ‘that gate’. You may name the gates, like A or B, if you like for your convenience. Now, the acid test of your reason starts. You have to decide whether to follow the answer blindly or not. You have to analyze it and it is in your discretion to amend the answer or not. If you succeed here to know the true gate leading to heaven, you have been lucky to have the second enjoyment. If you are confused, don’t worry.  You may go to my former Blog “A True Judgment” dated 10th June, 2007 (Annexure – II). There you will find what to do.

Part – III

The puzzle and its solution are before you. Now, an interesting brain exercise you can enjoy. This is your 3rd enjoyment. You have to justify the correctness of the procedure and finding of the true gate leading to Heaven. While going through this job, you will have to keep in your mind the qualities of the gate-keepers. While examining the same, you will have to make different suppositions, etc. etc. . Your friends will not believe in the solution of the puzzle until you prove it to be correct.

It’s over, my good Readers.

Drafted and presented by: – Valibhai Musa
Courtesy: Rubina A. Palasara (
Australia), Author’s grand daughter
10th September, 2007


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A Last Tribute – સંવેદનાના સૂર (સૌજન્ય લેખ)

Click here to read Preamble in Gujarati
After having gone through my previous Blog “As if Mr. Jeff is alive!” some of my Readers requested me to publish the Article written on Mr. Jeff by Janab Naseer Ismailee in “Gujarat Samaachar” under the title “Sanvedna-na-soor”. Accordingly, find the same scanned and attached with this preface.

I would like to quote Henry Ford in his words as “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success.” The Article to be represented here will seem to be self-explanatory to my Readers how my friend Mr. Jeff became a successful man in his field. The author of the said Article has mentioned only one episode, but I am the witness of his such hundreds how he solved the personal problems of his customers just like a member of their families. He could do all this because his heart was filled with compassion for humanity and also he always put others before him. jafarbhai_jeni.jpg

Mr. Jeff always respected his customers. He behaved politely with some rude customers also and never hurt their feelings or insulted them. His ‘let go’ nature never allowed him to create any problem with the customers. His such attitude can be understood very well through one more quotation of Khalil Gibran as “If the other person injures you, you may forget the injury; but if you injure him, you will always remember.” Mr. Jeff was such a self made man through experiences and struggles of his life. He had a positive and faith-filled outlook on life and towards other people also.

Mr. Jeff’s body is now in the grave, his soul is in heaven; but his sweet memories will always remain alive in the minds and hearts of the people who came in contact with him in any kind of relations.

May his soul rest in peace in heaven.

With best regards,
– Valibhai Musa

Dtd.: 7th September, 2007
sanvedna-na-soor (સંવેદનાના સૂર)

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