An Arithmetical Puzzle

01 Oct

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Two fruit-seller women used to sit at a corner of the pavement to sell their fruits. It is the season of apples. Each of them brings apples in number of 30 in her own basket for sale. The first “A” has the apples in bigger size and her rate is 2 for  INR 1. The other “B” sells 3 for  INR 1 as her apples are of small size.

The collection of “A” comes to INR 15 and B’s INR 10.  Their total collection comes to INR 25 as the result of their independent selling. 

On the next day, “A” gives her basket of 30 apples to “B” to sell on her behalf with the term of equal partnership in the total collection and goes to her home for some reason. 

“B” thinks why she should sell the apples in different rates and sections. She fixes her new rate of  (2+3) for INR (1+1)  i.e. 5 apples for  INR 2. At the end of the total business, her collection becomes INR 24. 

In the evening, when “B” tries to give INR 12 to “A”, she refuses to accept and demands for INR 12.50 as per the term. 

My clever Readers, now find out where that INR 1 has gone. 

– Valibhai Musa
Dtd. :
30th September, 2007

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One response to “An Arithmetical Puzzle

  1. Rubina Palasara

    October 5, 2007 at 4:27 am

    There is a loss of INR 1 because quantity of small Apples and Big Apples are equal. So but natural if she sells 2 big and 3 smalls in INR 2, then she will collect same amount of money. But later on after finishing small Apples She is selling even 10 big Apples in the same price i.e INR 2. So remaining 10 BIg Apples will collect only INR 4 which in past could collect INR 5.( big 2 =INR 1 so big 10=INR 5) so that INR 1 loss gone with the selling of Big Apples.



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