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The Square World – II

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Before I proceed further, I would like
toclarify why I have selected the title “The Square World” in these cyclicArticles. When I was a collegestudent in 1969, I had participated in a Gujarati Play “Choras Duniya” on celebration of our Annual Day. I had played the roll of a character and perhaps the theme of the play was the same as it is being narrated here.

Now, let us come back to the cell of the prison. Everybody is bound to remember one’s own cell number. If anybody fails to tell his cell number immediately when he is asked by any authority, he must suffer the slaps and blows falling upon jaws, cheeks, head and everywhere. Some foreigners, not knowing the state language, cannot speakinstantly and they also have to suffer the punishment. While punishing, when the hands tire; the kicks start. In abusive words, it is angrily said, “Cursed be your father and mother, you rogue, why can’t you remember your cell number?”

The new-comer, today, is a young, handsome boy – Mr. B. He is pushed in like an article into the cell. His blindfold is removed and handcuffs undone. For few seconds, he surveys the room, looks at the strange and depressed prisoners and breaks down. Sitting near the door, he bitterly cries. The seniors rush towards him, hold him by the hand and try to stop him from crying. They say, “Shame, shame, do not cry – you are a man.” He is served lukewarm water to drink. All sit around him to hear his story.

But before he starts, he wantstoconfirm how long he would be detained. All are like him and everybody has the same question in mind. Nobody is able to answer the question of Mr. B. He says crying, “But, they told me to accompany them for only ten minutes, ten minutes indeed! I am the only son of my widowed mother. She was out and they came in to pick me. My mother doesn’t know this. She would surely die not knowing where I have gone.” And, once again, he cries.

This time all allow him to cry just to lighten his grief. Soon after he lifts his headfrom his knees, tears rolling down by his fair cheeks and asks everybody how long they had been there. He gets variable answers in days, months and years as for two hundred and eight days, for four months, for one year etc.. Hearing them, he now weeps loudly once again and says, “But, they told me ten minutes! I am asthmatic and my widowed mother is old.”

* * *

Most of the detainees are youths. Such inhuman treatmenttowards them may inspire them to be a revolutionary in future if they are setfree alive. History witnesses that the oppressors never last long as they themselves create their enemies meanwhile their rulingfor their downfall and tragic end. Here, Mr. C is also a young man. He is a special personality, but here he is turned into a pitiable state of a goat or a sheep. Now, go on and see what he has been suffering and what his end will be.

Mr. C, sitting in a corner of the cell looks down through his parted knees. He is dejected and detached. He is hardly 22, slim and weak. His body clearly shows the marks of chains and the slashes which do not seem tobe healed. For the sake of entertainment, some inmates tease him. Sometimes, he becomes angry and sometimes he joins with them in joviality.

Mr. C is not an ordinary man, but is an engineer. He canspeak English and German fluently. He is charged as an activist against the rule on suspicious ground. When he is first caught, he was promised to give a very briefand informalinterview and he is here for the last five months. He is labeled as a traitor and frequently summoned for interrogation. Every time he is forced to confess the crime though he is innocent.

Now, be witness of the tragedy of Mr. C how terribly he is treated today. Please be patient and don’t be nervous as much more is yet to come.

A small window of the giant metalgate opens. The name of Mr. C is announced. A sharp merciless gaze of the guard shakes him from his inner most. He is given a blindfold to wear. He is pulled out like a doomed animal with the handcuffs fitted to his wrists. The door is locked and the rest inmates are waiting for his return to know about his fateful encounter.

After lapse of some time, poor Mr. C reappears walking slowly, pale and bent from his waist. Today is the most terrible day of his stay. The interrogators first serve him with blows and then whips. Then they tie him with chains around his wrists and ankles and wholly onto an iron frame. The hands are then pulled on either side till he feels that they come out of his shoulders. The same way the legs are also pulled till they dislocate from the hips. Like in a show of a circus, the frame hung above is turned so that he may lie upside down. “Speak the truth or you will die.” bark the hounds.

Then in a half dead state, Mr. C is brought in the cell. The poor fellow throws himself to the ground, unable to walk and talkfor three days. In his half wakeful state, the droplets of tears roll down his cheeks and in a weak groaning voice murmurs, “What have I done, mother, what have I done?”

For two more months, he is kept in the cell. His mind is split between hope and despair. Lastly, one day the poor man signs the confession of his so called crime; and is sent to the central jail. God only knows what befell him.

– Valibhai Musa

Dtd.: 30th December, 2007
[Continues on Part – III]

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The Square World – I

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title of my post, today, may seem to be surprising and perhaps misleading to my Readers. It has been proved and established, geographically and astronomically, that the earth is round; but, here it is said ‘square’. I won’t keep you any long in hankering state, but clarify straightway that I am going to talk about the jails, their cells – The Square World.

This Article, being somewhat lengthy, will be published in parts conveniently. To make my Article universal, I have ignored some specifications. My purpose and attempt behind this blog post is only to awake the feelings of my Readers to condemn such acts against humanity and maintain the mind to think over universal brotherhood.

All these chapters narrate the variety of harassments and tortures to the detainees by the cruel jail authorities. These jails are from a dictatorial rule of Government and one cannot hope even in a dream that any one or moreguidelines or rules of human rightsfor prisoners may beobserved or honored by them which have been internationally approved by Human Rights Commissions. Peter Beneson says, “Torture is banned; but in two-thirds of the world’s countries, it is still being committed in secret. Too many Governments still allow wrongful imprisonment, murderunder the title of encounter or ‘disappearance” to be carried out by their officials with impunity”. The most of democratic countries, no doubt, observe these norms, but they cannot upgrade the jails as some western countries do.

The inmates of prisons canbe categorized as convicts, under-trial and detainees. They may be in any category, but we should not forget that, after all, they are human beings. They have some basic rights such as enough space for lying and sleeping, proper sanitation, standard and sufficient food, purified water, seasonal clothing, medical facilities, reasonable wages of their work for their families at home etc..

Now, I’ll quote you some examples which I have collected from various sources to describe such hells on earth that will shake you from the inner of your heart and you will immediately pray to the God, if you are a Believer, that He may save anybody to be the guest (!) of such miserable places. No doubt, everybody has to face the Day of Judgment as per most of the religions; but there will be punished only those confirmed sinners who might have committed unforgivable sins which may also be out of the God’s discretion for the sake of His promises for reward for good deeds and warning of punishment for evil deeds though He is Kind and Merciful.

Generally, in any dictatorial or monarchyrule of government; the detainees are kept in such secret places or unknown jails that their relatives cannot know their whereabouts. These types of rulers do not honor internationally approved code of conduct to be dealt with the detainees and under-trial prisoners as they are conditioned minded people and they always are worried for their existence and safety of their kingdom or rule. Therefore, they always keep their subject under the pressure of terror. It is the basicprinciple of judiciary that any accused should not be considered as guilty until one’s guilt is proved. But to such “Jungle rule” type of authorities have no concern with such ideology of natural justice.

Now, I come to the point and join you with me to raise your feeble cry as we are helpless except we can burn our hearts and utter the words “shame … shame !” towards such cruelty against humanity. Please go on and bewitness of those miserable prisoners who may prefer death if they are allowed rather than to live in such a hell.

The directive of Human Rights for prisoners clearly mentions that any detainee should not be interrogated at night; but here what we see, go ahead:

Inside this square world, you can see Blindfolds, Shackles. Handcuffs and Whips as the weapons of the torturers to be used against the helpless prisoners for their true or false confessions of their so called crimes. You can see blood on the bare backs of these poor fellows. Here, at past midnight also, the detainees are summoned. They may be half asleep due to their anxiety and fear, but the cruel authorities have no concern with the odd time and they can summon anybody at any time for investigation or interrogation as per their mood and willingness. There is no end of such inquiries. They are being beaten cruelly till they are bled and tortured till their nerves are wrecked. The heavy metal door creaks with a squeak harsh enough to send their blood tingling. Every time, the guard turns the keys in the hole, the door unlocks in stages with a sharp metal voice. The inmates sleeping in various positions due to lack of enough space sit erect, with all alertness, like a flock of frightened sheep, expecting the slaughterer to enter the pen and make his pick.

Now, my Readers, hold on your heart and read further. But before that, I clarify that the characters coming before you in turn will be named in single Alphabet beginning with “A” and so on further. “What is in name?’ as in a Shakespeare’s play, we have no concern with names.

A young man of 20, Mr. A, stark naked except a brief loin cloth is pushed in the cell. His head and eyebrows are totally shaved and moustache half-shaven. Blood streams from his chest, back, arms, thighs and legs. He is chastised with lashes which have turned his skin violet. To his ghost-like appearance, nobody in the cell dares to glance at him. His helplessness and distress move all the prisoners of the cellfrom the deepest of their hearts. Then follows a dangerous officer with a cunning smile on his thick lips.

He shouts addressing to that poor creature, “Tell them of your sins why we have treated you thus.” And the young ghost mutters, “I had been here few months ago and after some formal inquiries, I was released. As I went home, I informed some of my relatives and family friends about the whereabouts of their missing members. I told them that they have been detained and that I have met them. Now, once again, I am arrested with the charge of having disclosed the secret of the state.”

The butcher-like officer once again shouts loudly and says, “Did you hear him?” All the rest answer in a chorus, “Yes, we did hear.” The message is conveyed. The young man hardly able to walk is then pushed out of the door, taken away to where nobody knows.

– Valibhai Musa
Dtd.: 13th December, 2007
[ Continues on Part – II ]

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My Haikus (Humorous) – IV [મારાં હાઈકુ (રમુજી)- ૪]

My Haikus (Humorous) – IV [મારાં હાઈકુ (રમુજી)- ૪]

In my previous posts, I had presented some uncategorized Haikus; but here you will find some more under the category of ‘Humor’. In my opinion, most of them are humorous and subjected on ‘Happy married life’, ‘Marriage customs’, ‘Funny dialogues and satires’, etc.. Here are the word pictures and a very little concentration in reading them may entertain you just as a change after reading my previous posts on heavy subjects.

My good Readers, proceed further and enjoy :-

, રહ્યાં ખામોશ,
શું જિહ્વા! (૨૮)

ટપકતી શું!
થ્યાં મોટાં! (૨૯)

રૂઝાવે! (૩૦) [બંગાળી નવલકથા દેવદાસઉપર આધારિત]

! (૩૧)

, કન્યા
પલાંઠી! (૩૨)

લાડી, ને
ડબ્બા! (૩૩)

ગયાં! ધ્રાસકે
પડતાં! (૩૪)

ઝીલે, પ્રિયા
સ્ટેથોસ્કોપ! (૩૫)

સાંભળો છો કે!
બધિર! (૩૬)

, સુગરીમાળો!
બંધ! (૩૭)

વિશાળ, ભીંસે
તથાપિ! (૩૮)

ગયાં પડખું!
શું કિટ્ટા! (૩૯)

નવ આમલી,
તો ચાખી! (૪૦)

જૌહરી! (૪૧)

બદલી, હુંયે
નિભાવું! (૪૨)

રૂઠ્યાં, ના
, લાગો મીઠ્ઠાં,
ગાલોએ! (૪૩)

મૂક, ત્યાં
ચૂડી! (૪૪)

તને! ફૂંકતી
શિયાળે! (૪૫)

નિત ફૂલ,
અંબોડો! (૪૬)

જો, પેલું ગુલ ઝૂકે,
સૂંઘવા!’ (૪૭)

નાગણ! પીઠે
નાગ ચોટલો
! (૪૮)

શ્રમ તવ!
સૌંદર્ય ચૂંથે! (૪૯)

તલ્લીન તું, આવે
! (0)

આળસ ખાતાં!
નૃત્ય તણી
ઝલક! (૫૧)

ગુરુ! (૫૨)

કલાઈ! (૫૩)

મરતાં! (૫૪)

ગરદન, ને
ઢીંચણ ટેકો
! (૫૫)

, પ્રજાળે
! (૫૬)

ડાંસ હું, ભાગું
! (૫૭)

– Valibhai Musa
Dtd.: 12th December, 2007

P.S.: Next post of ‘Haikus’ will be in the category of ‘tragedy’. Please, wait.

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No honor in Honor-killing!

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Every year, 8th March is celebrated as the International Women’s Day throughout the world. Many multi-national companies, Governments, NGOs and both Print and Electronic media play a very important role to highlight the achievements of women in every field of life and give honor to them. Women are the half population in the world. An old Native American proverb narrates, “A nation is not lost as long as the women’s hearts are still high. Only when the women’s hearts are on the ground then all is finished, and the nation dies”.

But, what is in naming a Day? Celebrations of various Days have remained, now a day, formalities and shows. Any concrete work only can become meaningful; otherwise it is like a farce. My today’s Article is an attempt of disclosing the naked truth of the titled words. In most of the countries of the world, ‘Honor killing’ is the burning issue. It is true that we may not be able to stop honor killings overnight, but it must be tried at all levels and we are sure to have the results to reduce them at least. People who are sincere, religious minded and believing in humanity may be good for them, but it is not enough. They should also think for others and not to turn blind eyes to such cruel practices in the society. People should recognize such domestic violence as crime. The educational institutions should add the topic of ‘Human Rights’ into their textbooks. Greater awareness in public can minimize such crimes in the society rather than merely laws and judiciary system.

Now, let us study and go deep to understand this social evil spread over throughout the world and also in the most of the communities like a viral disease. No exact numbers of honor killings worldwide are traceable, but they are considered to be very high. These honor killings are covered up as private family matters and attributed as the natural deaths. Honor killing is the cold murder of a female committed by the close relative of the victim in her own household. It is generally observed that such killing is most probably a pre-planned sin as it is being handled through a minor male in order to have minimum punishment by law. Sometimes where murder is not carried out, some other types of oppressions such as beating, torture, forced marriage, imprisonment in home etc. can be seen.

Honor killing is such where a woman is murdered for the shame that she is supposed to have brought on her family. Some acts either they may be beyond her control or not, but are deemed to be stain on family’s reputation in the community and she is cruelly murdered. Such hateful and mean thinking of so-called damage to the prestige of the family initiates the elder members of the family such as father, brother and some times mother, elder sister or brother’s wife to commit the crime. How sad it is when the women themselves participate in conspiracy against a woman! How we can blame only the men! They people leave behind the cultural and religious obligations and also feelings of blood relation to perpetrate such a sinful act. It is unanimously established that murder is a non-forgivable sin.

The Holy Qur’an says, “Killing one person is the same as killing all humanity and saving one person is the same as saving all humanity.” Not only Honor-killing, but any type of human-killing without any justification, is forbidden in all religions of the world. Some oriental religions do not recognize the killing of even a very small insect as a good deed and consider it to be the violence which is the grave sin beyond any forgiveness from the God. But, here, here it is the violence towards a human, a female! How tragic such act of female murder is! Isn’t it a climax of brutality?

Many scholars of sociology have found out some roots of such rude behavior towards the female. According to them, a certain class of people of every community, race or religion considers the woman as the commodity and property of the male and they only have the right to decide the fate of the female. Even they can exchange, buy or sell the women. In some communities marriages of daughters are arranged by the elder male persons, where money is also exchanged ignoring liking or disliking of the female; and if it is opposed, it is considered to be the shame to the honor of the men who might have negotiated the marriage. Thousands of brides are burnt having brought a very little dowries to their expectations also. Any married woman seeking a divorce from her violent husband is also considered to be the prestige issue and is killed to save the honor of the family. Some women are also heavily pressured to commit suicide for various reasons of honor.

Some common reasons for performance of an honor killing include the illegal relationships, marrying or expressing a desire to marry a man of her own choice but male members disapprove, divorcing an abusive spouse or being a rape victim. For the misfortune of being raped, the girl or woman is murdered by her family in spite of her innocence. Moreover, many other reasons for honor murders are there such as bringing food late, answering back or undertaking forbidden family visits.

It is the general opinion of the people that the courts should sentence not only to the actual murderer but also the rest members of the family who might have co-operated in punishing the woman and the head of the family also who might have passed the order for the killing with heavier sentence. Honor killing is a murder and must be punished accordingly. Some time ago Indian Supreme Court, while referring a case of inter-cast love-marriage, had passed a comment that the honor killing or any harassment to either any one or both is illegal. Even though, if the parents think that their feelings are hurt with such love marriages due to one or another reason, they cannot take the law in their hands to punish the couple in a way of murder or torture; but instead of that they may cut the social relations with the couple if they think fit. Honor killing cannot be justified as true by the law. My Readers also will agree with the fact that there is no honor in honor killing and it is the disgrace to humanity and mankind.

Further, one more tragedy in the society is that the responsibility of keeping the honor of the family intact is over the head of the female only and the male is given special privilege. The women are compelled to be obedient and passive. Criminal codes of discrimination against women should be reviewed. In some countries, the murder of a wife is treated more leniently than murder of a husband.

Before I conclude my Article, I’ll put before you one more kind of honor-killing and that is the abortion of an illegal child developing in the womb of an unmarried woman. Has anybody the right to pass a death sentence on totally a defenseless and innocent child? Murder of innocent and unborn child is the worst of all satanic works. It is the natural justice that every creature has the right to life. Life is the gift of God and nobody has any right to reject it in any circumstances. Anti-abortion fundamentalists cry out against abortion and say that all abortions are murders. Sometimes many such unmarried women give birth to the child in secrecy and afterwards they either give it up or kill it for the family honor.

Lastly to say, we should never get disappointed for the solution of the above issue as still there is the thread of hope that the collective measures and attacks from all directions to conquer this social evil will surely bring good results of saving the lives of millions of unborn infants as well as numerous miserable women in the world.

Let us be the part of the mission of saving the sacred human blood being spilled unnecessarily in the name of family honor.

With regards,

– Valibhai Musa
5th December, 2007

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ગુજરાતી સાહિત્ય-કલાને સમર્પિત બ્લોગ

હાસ્ય દરબાર

ગુજરાતી બ્લોગ જગતમાં રોજ નવી જોક અને હાસ્યનું હુલ્લડ

ગુગમ - કોયડા કોર્નર

વિશ્વભરના ગુજરાતીઓને ચરણે- કોયડાઓ

Philosophy is all about being curious, asking basic questions. And it can be fun!


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ગુજરાતી ભાષાના સર્જકોના તેજસ્વી સર્જનોની અને વાચકોની પોતીકી સાઈટ

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