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As if she was our real mother!

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Today is not a Mother’s Day which is celebrated internationally. But, in my mind, everyday is a Mother’s Day. Dhwani Joshi, a Gujarati Blogger, has expressed her feelings towards her mother in figurative style of narration that the ink of an ink-pot as big as an earth and a sheet of paper as wide as the sky may be deficient to praise the obligations of the mother. But, a mother should qualify herself as an ideal mother while bringing up her offspring. It is the grace of the Almighty Creator that the woman has been favored with the feelings of motherhood by nature. Mothering is not a subject that may need to be taught to mothers, even though we can have the plentiful literature and counseling centers both professional and charitable now-a-days.

img_00021But, here in my today’s post, I am going to represent the real story of our senior mother, old mother, first mother, guardian mother; still more optional addressing(s) I can write, but not at all a ‘Step-mother’ as in special case of ours. The word ‘Step’ can’t figure in our vocabulary just to prevent us not to make any injustice to the Late our Malukmaa, the main character of this blog-post. The narration of the merits of our M’maa excessively, here, does not mean that our real mother (biological mother), the Late Noorimaa did not love us. We were equally the heart pieces of our N’maa also. The praise of our M’maa is not for any publicity of her, but is as a model of Step-mothering for all Step-mothers worldwide.

Keeping in my mind the moderate size of the Article, I would like to mention in brief how all we eleven (!) brothers-sisters, born from N’maa, became M’maa’s step-children. M’maa was our father’s first wife and she had given birth to seven children, but not a single could survive hardly more than 2 or 3 years. Lately, my youngest brother, the Late Dr. Alimohmad Musa who was a doctor in U.S.A. and died at age of 41 had judged out the genetic reason that both our M’maa and our father might have been carrying blood defects of Thalasemia Minor (a genetic blood disorder) and all the seven children might have born with Thalasemia Major and hence they could not survive any longer.

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Dr. P. J. Shah, a tender-hearted Physician will be missed

My endeavor of expressing words of gratitude for the Late Dr. P. J. Shah who was born in 1936 may perhaps look like to be deficient while piecing this eulogy. I am afraid of failing to justify properly the medical services as a competent Physician rendered by Dr. Shah for the last 45 years to this village of Kanodar and surrounding villages as well as far wide distant areas. He offered his services of initial 15 years to the local Trust Hospital known as Shermohmadkhan Dispensary and the rest as a Private Practitioner.  

P.J.Shah.psd On January 12, 2009, Dr. Shah died at Mohankheda, near Ujjain (M.P.) when he was on a pilgrimage tour to various Jain temples of India. During his life time, he had never been out of his dispensary for more than a week as he was devoted to his duty and ‘work is worship’ was his motto. Here, we can see the miracle of God in Dr. Shah’s last day of his life that a man who had no time of performing any religious services had died in his worshiping garments in the innermost part of the temple of Adishwarnath while worshiping. He was attacked by misfortunate fatal heart stroke and was no more.

The news of the demise of Dr. Shah spread like lightning throughout the area and within no time thousands of his patients and admirers gathered at his residence-cum-dispensary here at Kanodar. Patan (N.G.) was his land of birth, but Kanodar was the land of his actions. In brief to say, he was a surpassing native of Kanodar and was proud of identifying himself as Kanodari (Resident of Kanodar). His funeral service was held on the next day at Patan and a large number of people from his field of actions here had rushed forward there to attend the service to bid him last farewell with tears in eyes, sobbing and heart-burst crying. The people mourned his death as deeply as though they would have lost a family member or a close friend.

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Ethics and Values in a Changing World

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Ethics and values are the words often used in studies of Philosophy. Ethics is to be understood as an attempt to identify universal principles of ideal morality. It is just like a social contract framed with consensus of people during a very long time span and continuing to next generations. These established ethics are expected to be followed by individuals as code of conduct. Human behavior is judged as good or bad on its ethical standardization.

Ethics has to do with behavior and values have to do with beliefs. Ethics are public opinions and values are personal beliefs. Values are the cause and ethics are the effect. As the values, so the ethics are. Ethics and values are complimentary to each other. Values vary at different times, places, environment and change in human thinking. Values grow in individuals and expand through families, communities, societies and subjects of nations; and in long run, they are converted to the doctrines of ethics as well as elements of culture and civilization of the world.

A true problem in life is to perceive and comprehend the facts of beliefs or ideals as they really are. Ethics and values are abstract in form but fundamental determinants of human behavior. It is expected that one should try to seek realities in their true forms. In way of knowing truths, some obstacles are there. They are baseless and endless Imaginations, fabricated predictions, false likings and dis-likings, understanding religious ethics in own interpretation suiting to satisfy worldly desires and intellectual arguments favoring to the thoughts of mind only by ignoring the voice of the inner being.

The decline of morality is a growing problem throughout the world. The world we live on is changing and we live in are changing too. If we exercise our self-scrutiny, we will find that we are proving ourselves smart enough to deceive our inner soul with misinterpretation of our ethics and values. In present times, some so called intellectuals consider themselves reformers and they are very active to alter the definitions of morality under one or the other pretext or hypothesis.

Let us take stock of some false interpretations perverting our culture and civilization. Low desires and egocentric wishes are responsible for advocacy in favor of such shameful and fearless wrongdoings. It is the tragedy of the people of modern world that ugly deeds are fair-seeming to them. Liberty is the divine right to mankind; but, with its misuse, the same liberty is deformed in attitude of unrestricted freedom. Such licentious and uncontrolled freedom, practiced by majority of the people, spoils the culture and civilization of the world.

Modern world has adopted overturned definitions of merits of civilization. Half or full nakedness and indecency of women is admired and considered as status symbol. Luxury competitions are valued high in the meaning of personality development. Corruptions and bribes are labeled as gifts which ruin the world economy. Murder, crime and destruction are evaluated as an evidence of power. Snatching away or destroying the properties of rightful owners is given a new name of re-establishment of wealth. Anti-ethical deeds are respected as people’s demand. Passing some unfair resolutions by the governments are considered to be honoring the human rights. Addictions, lusts, disgraces and indecencies are counted as a kind of liberty. Treachery, dishonesty and gaining wealth wrongly are appreciated as talent and competency.

Presently, the entire world is worrying about world-spread recession and economical crisis, but the fact is that the world is now-a-days facing unbearable moral crisis and no any remedial packages (precautions) are being announced from anywhere. Rotten culture is being popularized at the speed of light in the every corner of the world with the means of modern technologies. Urgency of finding out a cure of unfair ethical and moral problems in various societies of the world is needed and we cannot keep our ears deaf and eyes veiled any more. Declined morality is the root cause of rising crime rate, drug usage and irresponsible sexuality.

Shortly speaking, above mentioned evil deeds and shocking behaviors seem to be fair to the people. They do not feel any shame but take proud of their actions though they are damaging our moral disciplines. Spread of pornography, free-sex, same sex (gay or lesbian) marriages and adultery through movies, magazines and internet has increased the ratio of teenage pregnancy, pre-martial sex, honor killing, abortion, unsteady and/or broken marriages, divorce, suicide etcetera.

Summing up, we have to imagine how the future and feature of the world would be if we continue to neglect the decline of ethics and values still more. Just to get rid of disturbed social system resulted from misinterpretation of creedal and ethical principles, we will have to reform ourselves first and then keep our watchful eyes towards growing children in order to get them acquainted with standard ethics and good moral character.

– Valibhai Musa



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Role of Stop Loss Tool in Stock Trading

‘Stop Loss’ order is a very important tool for online trading in stock market. It is just like an Insurance to protect you from a great loss in extraordinary circumstances of extreme fluctuation in price of your traded scrip at any time during your market hours. Particularly for a Day Trading, SL is must. Day trading is always risky just as a pearl diver’s diving in the ocean. This tool of the system is like a cylinder of oxygen to provide you the shield against sudden disaster of abnormal collapse or rise in price of your scrip.

You will be surprised to know that after you have placed your SL order, you should never think that you are cent per cent safe. Even after a SL order, you may suffer an unbearable huge loss. Sometimes, the bid or offer price strikes your trigger price and converts it in an open order as per the system, but if there is no any buyer or seller (whatever the case may be) in-between the gap of your both prices, you will lose your priority and you will wonder why your order is not executed.

Thus, your SL order is not a guarantee to protect you from possible greater losses all the times. In the circumstances when your SL order converts into normal order after hitting your trigger price, your presence must be there to quote the market price to square off your trade immediately or you should have authorized your Broker/Operator to do so on your behalf. In case of your absence at the moment, you may adopt some safer precaution to maintain a reasonable gap between your sale/purchase prices and trigger price. The size of this gap depends on many factors such as volatility, price movement and difference between best buy and sale prices. It is better not to undergo any trade in case of you are out of touch from the market for any of your reasons.

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