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Rising above Corruption – A General Review

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India’s ancient Pundit (Scholar) Chanakya, in his literary work “Niti Shastra” i.e. Science on Ethics, quotes as “One should save money against hard times, save wife at the sacrifice of own riches, but invariably one should save own soul even at the sacrifice of wife and riches.”

Not only bureaucrats, but who-so-ever come under boundary of definition of corruption, need to ponder over above words of Chanakya along with the life story of Valmiki, a great Saint (Rishi) and the poet of Ramayana. We know that the members of his family, when he was Vaalio, a Robber, denied to share with his sins saying that the one who commits sins must suffer their consequences oneself. corruption-5

Violations of duty including to postpone works that are to be immediately done are the abstract forms of corruption. It may be defined in precise as “Corruption is the use of a position of trust for dishonest gain.” I shall remember Chanakya once again with his words as “one who is content with his riches has his heaven here on earth”. But, we see all around the world that the most of the people of all cadres in society are money hungry. They demand bribes for they want to make a decent living. They are not content with what they have and to satisfy their ugly desires they are prepared to do like anything by keeping their ears deaf to hear the voice of their inner soul. They do no see farther than the end of their own nose.

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‘Character’ – a translated poem in Gujarati (ચારિત્ર્ય)

I have read somewhere that it does not matter who says good words, but one should have the only concern with what is being said. Here, I am going to post a Gujarati translation of the poem of a poetess who has been portrayed as a disputed poetess for her some literary work hurting religious feelings of people. She was exiled from her home country and now she has settled elsewhere.

I had been in States in 1994 and there at my friend’s 7-Ten Food Store, I picked up a magazine ‘The New Yorker’ (Volume of Aug. 22 & 29, 1994) from the shelf. While turning over the pages of the Magazine, a poem titled as “Character” drew my attention. It was translated into English from its original version by Carolyne Wright and Farida Sarkar. I had translated the same in Gujarati then.

My Readers may read the English version of the above poem by surfing on I-net. My Gujarati version of the same will follow soon after my preamble is over. Before proceeding on, I would like to clarify why this poem had attracted me. Here is an imaginary scene of a girl walking along the public path.

In my previous post titled as “Character and Reputation”, I had tried to define both these words. Here, there is no room for the repetition of my thoughts; but, in precise, I would tell that a woman having good character has much more importance of her good reputation also. Sometimes, she is victimized of harassment by some Road Romeo type lewd and brutal beasts in public or at work-places. In such critical situation, how her reaction should be has been counseled here in this very short poem.

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My Haikus (Misc.) – VI [મારાં હાઈકુ (અન્ય)- ૬]

My Haikus (Misc.) – VI [મારાં હાઈકુ (અન્ય)- ૬]

On January 14, 2008, I had posted “My Haikus (Tragic) – V”. In my Preamble therein, I had told my Readers to have some break in cyclic posts of my Haikus. It was my 52nd post and, to be frank, my assurance for ‘more Haikus’ was forgotten by slip of memory. Today, all of a sudden, I recollected it and have great pleasure to publish this Part – VI. Up to Part – V, the total number of my Haikus was 75.

Classification of the Haikus in this post is named as ‘Miscellaneous’. It means that the themes of these Haikus are variable to contents. I have tried here to insert theme-related images in some Haikus wherever it is possible. I hope my Gujarati Readers will enjoy them fully.

Now, please go on to read.

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