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My Haikus (Misc.) – VI [મારાં હાઈકુ (અન્ય)- ૬]

My Haikus (Misc.) – VI [મારાં હાઈકુ (અન્ય)- ૬]

On January 14, 2008, I had posted “My Haikus (Tragic) – V”. In my Preamble therein, I had told my Readers to have some break in cyclic posts of my Haikus. It was my 52nd post and, to be frank, my assurance for ‘more Haikus’ was forgotten by slip of memory. Today, all of a sudden, I recollected it and have great pleasure to publish this Part – VI. Up to Part – V, the total number of my Haikus was 75.

Classification of the Haikus in this post is named as ‘Miscellaneous’. It means that the themes of these Haikus are variable to contents. I have tried here to insert theme-related images in some Haikus wherever it is possible. I hope my Gujarati Readers will enjoy them fully.

Now, please go on to read.

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