Rising above Corruption – A General Review

26 Mar

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India’s ancient Pundit (Scholar) Chanakya, in his literary work “Niti Shastra” i.e. Science on Ethics, quotes as “One should save money against hard times, save wife at the sacrifice of own riches, but invariably one should save own soul even at the sacrifice of wife and riches.”

Not only bureaucrats, but who-so-ever come under boundary of definition of corruption, need to ponder over above words of Chanakya along with the life story of Valmiki, a great Saint (Rishi) and the poet of Ramayana. We know that the members of his family, when he was Vaalio, a Robber, denied to share with his sins saying that the one who commits sins must suffer their consequences oneself. corruption-5

Violations of duty including to postpone works that are to be immediately done are the abstract forms of corruption. It may be defined in precise as “Corruption is the use of a position of trust for dishonest gain.” I shall remember Chanakya once again with his words as “one who is content with his riches has his heaven here on earth”. But, we see all around the world that the most of the people of all cadres in society are money hungry. They demand bribes for they want to make a decent living. They are not content with what they have and to satisfy their ugly desires they are prepared to do like anything by keeping their ears deaf to hear the voice of their inner soul. They do no see farther than the end of their own nose.

I’ll put an illustration just to counsel, those bribe-takers, with a hope rather, they may turn back from their sinful path who have stuck deeper and deeper up to their ears in mud of unlawful earnings. Many corrupt people do not learn any lessons from those who have been punished by law and their families have got ruined on all sides. Such people are like one who sells mirror but does not look at it, the one who always looks at mirror but does not straighten his dress and surprisingly a passer-by may straight his only a collar with just one careful glance at mirror. Here, we have to remember that a mere glance at mirror is not enough, but a strong will for self-reformation is also necessary. It is well said that the earthen vessel of sin is surely to crack down, sooner or later.

Now, let us divert to discuss some measures to control corruption spread world-wide. The most of the nations of the world are worried about how to combat the cancer of corruption. War on terrorism may be won by seeking international help using guns, but to fight corruption is the job of the respective nation itself. Corruption has become customary at every level of society everywhere. After all, nobody is more capable of resolving this problem than the citizens themselves.

To conquer war on mortal danger of corruption, some combined efforts from every corner of society are needed. Governments must blow bugles to declare war against this enemy for not only to protect economy but also to establish law and order strengthening national discipline. First of all, the Governments should frame such strict legislations where there should be no any escaping window for the culprits. For this very basic step, the political will must be there. Any nation that is serious about fighting corruption may need to establish new Agencies/Departments and encourage NGOs or strengthen existing ones. Anti Corruption Commissions should be made independent with full powers to bring anyone under grip of law regardless of the transgressor’s position.

To complement the working of the machinery of system, some new legislations need to be resolved for creating some special investigating units and special or circuit tribunals/courts for quick justice. Hopefully, these bodies will deal with such cases more efficiently and effectively. Role of both print and electronic media for abolition of corruption is equally important to investigate and expose corrupt practices as well as make result oriented efforts to create awareness in public.

If there is corruption in society, each one of us is responsible. It is wrong to blame the system. How can we separate ourselves from the system? We might begin by asking ourselves: “Am I incorruptible? If an opportunity comes my way, would I kick it?” It is not possible for all to be revolutionary, but we may at least be honest and that’s enough. It is to be remembered that when anybody is giving bribe, somebody is receiving bribe. One cannot clap with one hand. I believe that both the giver and taker of the bribe are equally guilty of corruption. It is never possible that the corrupt person puts his hand into our pocket and snatches away money from our pocket. We-citizens should approach to the concerned public servants with strong will power for our any type of genuine works being done with no any compromising expressions on our face. We should always remember that the corrupt person is always timid and he has to surrender himself before us simply gazing towards our body language.

Just nearing to conclude the post, I would like to say that the bribe-giver thinks that every man has his price; and, bribe-taker is also sure from his end that every work under his/her control has its price. Kelly Preston quotes “If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher.” At one time, bribe was paid for getting wrong things done but now bribe is paid for getting right things done at right time. Tolerance of people towards corruption has increased its spread at a considerable high rate.

It is very difficult to catch big sharks in Great Ocean of corruption, but small fish are easily caught. Sometimes, higher authorities including certain ministries of revenue, transportation, taxation, public works etc. are involved in chain of corruption and the corrupt employees are promoted to higher positions instead of imprisonment. Election time is a great season in corruption market. Poor illiterate voters are bought by politicians and politicians sell themselves to Industrialists against their huge funding to fight election.

Summing up, corruption is interwoven in routine lives of civilians and it is very hard to abolish it fully. Like some diseases it can only be controlled, but not totally be cured. It can be hold in check within tolerable limits. Corruption has a corrosive impact on national economy. We have tolerated corruption for a very long time and it is the right time now to root it out in such circumstances when the world is passing through recession now-a-days.

– Valibhai Musa


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3 responses to “Rising above Corruption – A General Review


    March 27, 2009 at 12:19 pm

    very conscious effort to root out corruption. sir, i endorse in all respects but at the same time i differ in some respect. i agree with all conscious suggestions given by you. but i must say that the root lies on the day we became independent. as conscious efforts are done by all our so called great leaders to make us slave for bread. you will agree with me and also you have witnessed the life of families where one was earning and 5 to 10 persons were dependent on him for their livelyhood. but to say this is not correct as all of them were part of his family and they were not supporting him in earning bread but definately all other family members were putting their efforts to witness happiness of the family.they were part of his life in all respect. they were part and partial of his life and he also never thought that he is earning and otheers are dependent on him. everybody in the family were god fearing and conscious of their duties. i still feel that everybody in that family were happy and conscious about their society religion and also down trodden people of the society.
    this is the root cause of corruption. we indians never believed that britishers have misquoted our history but i believe our history is distorted one. but britishers could not affect our system more than our own present day politicians. base of corruption lies in their mind and behaviour our system can improve only when WE KILL ALL OUR POLTICIANS ENMASS WITHOUT SHOWING ANY MERCY AS THEY WANT TO MAKE US BEGGER FOR BREAD AND POOR MASS WHICH HAS NO ALTERNATE THAN TO DIE HARD FOR DAY TO DAY BREAD
    again let us compare the present position and position before independance you will agree that we wre far better off than present day luxuries. you have also visited many countries and you know the legal system of other country and our great INDIA you will find that in the name of GANDHIJI our politicians have put all loopholess in our system with a vision IF HUNDRED CULPRITS ARE FREED THERE IS NOTHING WRONG BUT ONE INNOCENT SHOULD NOT BE PUNISHED.
    inspite of all my wrritings above i have witnessed in the life that if you wish you can keep yourself free from corruption. but that may be because of my will power i could do it but it is not possible for all specifically for a labourer getting Rs.2000/- per month by working like a bull for 12 hours a day just to have two meals.
    ofcourse this is my personal view I HOPE SOMEBODY FROM OOUR SOCIETY WILL AGREE WITH ME


  2. Valibhai Musa

    March 27, 2009 at 3:11 pm

    Dear Mr. Joshi,

    I appreciate your comparison of past and present, but what the future would be if the present situation is not tried to be improved. In ancient France, the kings were considered to be the representative of God. It was hammered in the minds of the people that no king can do wrong. But now the politicians are the representatives of people. It is clear that the voters are responsible for what the country suffers.

    I have suggested in my previous Article “A thoughtful thought” that the provision of Clause 49-O in Election Rules needs to be made effective to cut the corrupt politicians to their size.

    Thanks for putting your views.




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