A Round-up of my 100 Articles

25 Apr

After two years of being active on my blog, I am going to publish my 100th post on 5th May, 2009 titled as “William’s Tales – 2nd 100012Anniversary with 100 Posts”. Now, prior to my celebration day, I am pleased to publish here this special post of a consolidated list of all my Articles published during the course of these two years.

On right side bar of my Home Page, my Readers can view Archives showing month-wise number of Articles published, but easy access to particular post and its title lacks there-in. Here, my Readers can easily reach any post of mine which they may desire to re-read or read it for the first time. A single click on Sr. No. is enough for your purpose.

Now, please go to the complete list of my 2 Pages & 100 Posts below:

My Pages (3)

May 2007 (1)

1. About

November 2008 (1)

2. Contact

April 2009 (1)

3. Archives

My All Blog Posts (100)
May 2007 (10)

1. A Free Home

2. Relationship

3. Happiness and Gloomy

4. The Steady Progress

5. The Demise of a Gentleman

6. All’s Well that Ends Well

7. Not All Doctors Money Hungry

8. Dr. Musa, Physician will be missed

9. Divorce – Legal but Undesirable

10. Struggle

June 2007 (13)

11. Inspired knowledge (Intuition)

12. Charity

13. A Full Circle Swallowed 22 Years

14. Four – only four, indeed!

15. A Farewell

16. A True Judgment

17. Equivocal Pronunciation

18. The Childlessness!

19. Daughter, Daughter-in-law!

20. Lottery

21. Oppressions

22. Water – A Child Story

23. Problem

July 2007 (4)

24. Prize

25. Rohini

26. Power of Determination

27. Repentance

August 2007 (4)

28. Honesty

29. Soul – A brief study

30. Soul – Its Nourishment

31. As if Mr. Jeff is alive!

September 2007 (2)

32. A Last Tribute

33. A Challenging Puzzle (3 in 1)

October 2007 (6)

34. An Arithmetical Puzzle

35. International Non-violence Day

36. Character and Reputation

37. Depression

38. Winning hearts and bridging minds

39. My Hykooz – I

November 2007 (6)

40. My Hykooz – II

41. My Lyrics –I

42. My Lyrics – II

43. Manners

44. My Hykooz – III

45. Over Sensitiveness

December 2007 (4)

46. No honor in Honor-killing!

47. My Hykooz (Humorous) – IV

48. The Square World – I

49. The Square World – II

January 2008 (4)

50. The Square World – III

51. The Square World – IV (Final)

52. My Hykooz (Tragic) – V

53. Mercy Killing or Merciful Death – A Debate

February 2008 (3)

54. A Sense of Humor

55. Life Partner

56. Suicide

March 2008 (2)

57. A man’s household foes!

58. Education for all

April 2008 (3)

59. My better-half, a story (Gujarati)

60. Paying lip service

61. Once upon a time …

May 2008 (5)

62.1st Anniversary of “William’s Tales”

63. Life and Literature

64. Lose and long on life long

65. Lady with the lantern!

66. Hard hearing guys

June 2008 (2)

67. Parables and Fables

68. Hear-says or rumors

July 2008 (2)

69. Paying respect to the Late Mr.’ Sufi’

70. The Proof

August 2008 (3)

71. Rays of hope in ways of humanity

72. Life on earth, possible but not safe!

73. No scarcity of Jacks of all!

September 2008 (2)

74. Art of Balanced Exaggeration in Conversation – I

75. Art of Balanced Exaggeration in Conversation – II

October 2008 (2)

76. Rivalry of two retail trade sectors in India

77. Inflation and Insurance

November 2008 (1)

78. Strategies in Bearish Stock Market

December 2008 (4)

79. Career as an Actuarial Professional – Counseling


81. Whether PE ratio is enough to justify investment?

82. Salutes to Mrs. & Mr. Francis Desauza

January 2009 (4)

83. Roll of Stop Loss Tool in Stock Trading

84. Ethics and Values in a Changing World

85. Dr. P. J. Shah, a tender hearted Physician will be missed

86. As if she was our real mother!

February 2009 (4)

87. A thoughtful thought! – ‘Seldom’ such Posts (1)

88. A Grave Note on Shoe-missiles – ‘Seldom’ such Posts (2)

89. My Broken Heart! – A Gujarati Poem

90. Effects of Section 40 (B) of Indian I. T. Act

March 2009 (3)

91. My Hykooz (Misc.) – VI

92. ‘Character’ – a translated poem in Gujarati

93. Rising above Corruption – A General Review

April 2009 (6)

94. Who is really insane? – ‘Seldom’ such Posts (3)

95. Jal-samaadhi, a love story (Gujarati) Part – I

96. Jal-samaadhi, a love story (Gujarati) Part – II

97. Jal-samaadhi, a love story (Gujarati) Part – III

98. A Round-Up of my 100 Articles

99. Peeping into an Exemplary Social Life of a Local Chief

May 2009 (1)

100. William’s Tales-2nd Anniversary with 100 Posts

* * * * *

Summing up, I would like to say in figure of speech that I take my blog granted as my tame animal or bird. I never keep it hungry in any month and feed it at least a single Article every month. It is the clear truth from the side of the Readers that they do not feed my posts (young ones of my blog) with comments as much as required by them to satisfy their appetite. This little ratio of comments does not mean that people are not reading my Articles. Though statistics of hits and comments will be given in my 100th post following to my scheduled 99th, I am fully satisfied, at this juncture, that my Articles have been commented in average of about 2 each and it is the greatest award, I think, to me from my Readers. One more satisfying fact for me is that viewer-ship of my posts is, no doubt, slow; but at the same time it is steady also.

Hopefully, you will read many more details of my blogging of two years in my next 100th post.

Meanwhile, I take your leave.

Bye, have a good day!

– Valibhai Musa


After publication of my this 99th Article, my colleagues of  technical matters – Mr. Munish Musa (my Nephew) and Mr. Hussainali (my Son) have added Archives as a Page at top of my web title “William’s Tales” with provision for reaching particular Article directly from there also. Thus, this post becomes null and void for having similar purpose. In spite of this, I won’t delete it in order to keep both sources at my Readers’ finger tips reach. One more reason for continuing this post is that my Preamble and Summing up Paragraphs are already there in the Article which are additional ones to the purpose mentioned.

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One response to “A Round-up of my 100 Articles


    April 28, 2009 at 10:08 am

    Dear Valibhai,
    Starting in May, 2007 with the 1st Post ” A FREE HOME “, today you have published your 98TH POST……CONGRATULATIONS !
    It is a HAPPY moment for you……May you continue your journey & enrich the Site with more Posts. It is in this journey of yours that I met you; we are now FRIENDS…..may this be the Eternal Bond…; may it blossom with the passage of Time.
    I wish you ALL the BEST !
    Dr. Chandravadan Mistry ( Chandrapukar ! )



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