William’s Tales – 2nd Anniversary with 100 Posts

05 May

I feel illimitable pleasure to share my glad tidings with members of my blog family. Today marks the 2nd Anniversary of “William’s Tales” with its score of 100    100th3 posts. Being it a self-propelled blog, I had to work hard, but with no any physical or mental fatigue even at this age of 68. In the length of this period, many friends and strangers have mobilized me and motivated my creative works. List of all those behind my blog is very long indeed, but lack of space forbids me to enumerate all.

With apology of many un-named supporters of mine in this Article, I would like to remember and thank some who have helped me during my 2nd year of blogging. They are:

· Munish (nephew) and Hussainali (son) have launched my own web site and diverted data from my former web site except its hits counter.

· Mr. Brian Gardner who allowed me to use wordpress Theme for my new web-site.

· For Mr. Vijaykumar Shah of Houston (USA), what to mention and what not is a great question. He invited me as a guest blogger on his site and published some translated Articles. We, vMv – a trio of V-3 –Vijaykumar (57), Late Mohmedali Parmar ‘Sufi’ (85) & myself – Valibhai Musa (67) became good friends; but, alas! Mr. Sufi is no more now – May his soul rest in Heaven. My Readers may go through my Article “Paying respect to the Late Mr. Sufi” to know more about him. Recently, Mr. Vijaykumar Shah showed one more his courtesy to write an Introductory post on me on his website – to divert many Gujarati Readers and Bloggers to my blog.

· Mr. Niraj of Canada for providing my web link on his site to highlight “Lady with the lantern” and its translation in Gujarati.

· Mr. Tarun Patel of Vallabh Vidyanagar (India) to bring my blog to the knowledge of Gujarati Readers on his site

· Richa Bhatnagar, Asstt. Manager, Times Group, Noida (India) who invited me to join PeerPower, an Exclusive website for Professionals. Extract from her mail is as “I was going through Blogs and found some very interesting articles and blogs of yours on professional fields. I would like to invite you to write blogs and articles for our site which are related to the Specialized Functional areas.” My joining with PP (with publication of Articles in number of 06 and many more discussions, Q&As, etc.) helped me in a way that the members of various communities in numbers could connect with my web through the link in my Profile.

· Mr. Pratik Shah (His general blog inspired me to join LinkedIn, the world’s largest Professional network which also gifted me a lot of new contacts.

· Mr. Mushir Palasara, son of my friend the Late Mr. Ahmadbhai Palasara initiated me to join the wide spread Professional web site SiliconIndia where also some Articles of mine, related to Professional and Business fields, have been published. This link also proved to be helpful to me to have many more viewers on my blog.

· Dr. Chandravadan Mistry of USA, a very kind and noble man of 68 (His blog with not only his regular comments on my Articles but also through mails came to my close contact and as a result we became good friends also.

· Javid Musa, my nephew in USA highlighted my web link on Home Page of his web . He re-published some Articles for viewers of his network.

· IMB (, a platform engaging fellow Indians, both Muslims and non-Muslims, about issues in a constructive dialog has as a guest blogger re-published some Articles of mine by giving link to my web site.

· I am thankful to Mr. Kantilal Karshala of Gayatri Gnan Mandir, Jetpur who introduced my blog on his blog “Net Gurjari-na Kasbio” – with recommendation of Mr. Vijaykumar Shah of Houston (USA).

· My nephew, Aasif Musa and myself, with mutual exchange of thoughts, published a post “Strategies in Bearish Stock-market” which was benefited by many involved in Stock-trading.

· Mr. Karimbhai Hada who translated “Lady with the lantern” in Gujarati and put his many notable comments on my various Articles.

I am pleased to state some statistics as below:

Viewers: Continent-wise

· Asia- 69.20%

· America – 24.34

· Rest – 6.46%

Viewers: Out of 93 Countries/Territories

· India No.1

· USA No. 2

Viewers: Out of 802 Cities of the world

· Ahmedabad (India) No.1

· Kandivali (Mumbai-India) No.2

· Scarborough (Canada) No.3

Top Articles: Out of 100

· Mercy Killing or Merciful Death – A Debate No.1

· Parables and Fables No.2

· Power of Determination No.3

Languages of Articles:

· English -72

· Gujarati -28 (With Preamble in English)

Out of hundreds of comments inclusive of some spam which I had to delete, the rest in number of total 186 have been approved by me. I have great pleasure to declare that all comments were inspiring, frank and also civic in style. I thank also some commentators unknown to me for their fair comments. They are Tina, Bimal, Bhagwat, Mohammedali ‘wafa’, Vaibhav, Asghar Vasanwala etcetera. It is a matter of worth mention that my blog could catch hits in number of 24268 on old web site under word-press. From November/December, 2008 to till date, on my hosting website, viewers in number 8400 are indicated on my dashboard. Thus, the total number of hits comes to 32668 from about 100 destinations of the world.

Now, I come to my some experiments made during the year. They are “Hard hearing guys” (A 3-dialogue play) and “The Proof” (A few liner suspense story). ML GORGOV is the very first story of its kind and I strongly recommend reading to those who might have missed it. Some humorous Articles are such as “No scarcity of Jacks of all!” and “Art of Balanced Exaggeration in Conversation (2 Parts)”. A series “Seldom such Posts” has been started where I have made up my mind to publish such Articles which may be subjected on some extraordinary events or episodes. You will find some Business & Stock-market related Articles also which may be benefited by those who are already involved therein.

While summing up, I would like to say in figurative narration that a peacock looks beautiful with its tail spread out. “William’s Tales” is like a peacock without a tail, but the members of my Blog family are the feathers of the tail. I am indebted to all of you for your best co-operation and contribution to make my Blog a success.

Seeking your communion for ever,

very affectionately Yours,

– Valibhai Musa


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6 responses to “William’s Tales – 2nd Anniversary with 100 Posts

  1. રૂહિ

    May 5, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    congrates for completing 2 years of ur site.


  2. Munish

    May 5, 2009 at 9:07 pm

    Hearty Congratulations Kaka. I am very happy to see today’s post being 100th post in 2 years. Actually, I never thought about this blog be at this level when you first started blogging before 2 years. Blogging was not that popular two years ago but you have shown exemplary consistency in regular posting through sheer hard work and dedication. I am very happy and glad for Hussainbhai’s push to go for own domain and justify your hardwork. Great achievement Kaka and very happy to see your dedication at this age. May god keep you in perfect health and motivated to write more posts each year. Congratulations again.


  3. Hanna and Aneeq

    May 5, 2009 at 10:15 pm

    Hello Daddu (Grandpa)

    We both congratulate you for grand success of your blog. We, being very busy with our studies in Higher Secondary (Science) for two years, could not read all your Articles. We read both your Anniversary Articles along with some other on Education and many more subjects concerning all aspects of life. We are proud of having you as head of our family. We are very happy to know that you have spread far and wide with your blogging activity. We will try our best to walk on your footprints.

    We pray to Almighty, the One and the Creator of all visible and invisible in universe to favor you with long and healthy life.

    Your dear grand children,
    Hanna and Aneeq


  4. Hussainali

    May 7, 2009 at 3:09 am

    Heartiest Congratulations,Dady for completing 100 posts on your Blog-William’s Tales within the period of two years. Really its a very appreciable task that has been performed by you with consistencey and fully dedication at the age of 67 cross. I am very much glad and thankful to Munish, my brother also for giving full support to establish the Blog for necessary settings by sparing valuable time even after from his busy schedule and his continuous touch with me over and above my push to go for own domain for the Blog . I pray to keep you motivated with perfect health to achieve your goals to give something what you have to the people of world wide. For readers of the posts of the Blog, that is not enough to read only , but should practise to follow the related good things to achieve something in the life and invite others too for the same as practice makes man perfect. Once again congratulations!!


  5. Vijaykumar Shah

    May 7, 2009 at 2:42 pm



    I appreaciate whole heartedly the good words for me..
    Congratulations for your achievements in blogging.




    May 20, 2009 at 8:31 pm

    Valibhai….Read this Post late……as my computer had crashed & then I was away from home for several days…I just returned & someone restarted the Computer getting rid of Viruses……..& today I visited your Blog & read this Post……Firstly, my CONGRATULATIONS to you for the 2nd Anniversarary of your Blog & for publishing 100th Posts.
    In this Post, you mentioned about me & my Blog CHANDRAPUKAR…..Thanks a lot for your nice words….& truely,I see you as my FRIEND & it has been a pleasure for me to visit your Blog & post my Comments….& I had the pleasure of reading your comments on my Blog.
    All the Best for the Future !



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