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Time-pass Crazy Q&A

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Questions are the keys of knowledge. Questions struck in minds have initiated many scientists to make inventions; for example, Isaac Newton and an apple. Philosophers have been able to answer many spiritual mysteries through questions. Students learn with questions and are tested also by questions in their examinations. What, when, how, why, where, who, how many are interrogative words put before questions. The answers of all these questions might be in single words from like’ yes’ or ‘no’ to sentences, paragraphs, chapters and even in volumes.

My today’s post is as my attempt to entertain you with some humor to refresh your minds and to establish that silly questions and their crazy answers have their own vital importance in human behaviors. I have come across such crazy questions by surfing on I-net, but here you will find some easy/silly questions with their crazy answers solely thought out by myself. In brief to say, they are not the recycling of any authors’ assets. Enjoy, my good Readers, and try to create such sets yourselves. I would like to read at least one such set of Q&A in the comment box by at least any one of my Readers just to break my suspicion of ability of mine only in this regard!

Q. What is the function of the nose?

A. To give support to spectacles!

Q. Why the fingers of a human hand are in number of five?

A. They are not in number of other than five, therefore they are five.

Q. What is the first, a hen or an egg?

A. Money of the buyer of a hen or an egg is the first.

Q. Have you missed any step of your stair and have stumbled down?

A. No, not a single! I have touched all the steps while stumbling down.

Q. Why is the earth round?

A. It has to take rounds to the sun and rounds on its axis also.

Q. How will you distinguish powders of salt and sugar?

A. By making tea or coffee using any one and see how it tastes.

Q. What will you do when you find that your lighter is not working to light your cigarette?

A.  I’ll purchase a match box to light my lighter to light my cigarette.

Q. From where the mall owners have learnt to advertise ‘Buy one, get one free’?

A. From the farmers! They sell their cows or buffalos with their young ones free of cost.

Q. Why do the waiters not strike wooden hammers on the dining tables at Restaurants and say ‘order’ ‘order’?

A. Because they are sitting in order, reading menus silently and consulting

with their companions in whispering voice what to order.

Q. Why do truck owners write ‘Horn please’ behind their vehicles?

A. To ask the followers to taste their horns whether they work.

Q. Why the sign ‘School – Drive slow’ is found near schools?

A. It may be to avoid accidents. But, teachers drive the school slow to catch the tuitions!

Q. Is it true to say that nothing is impossible in the world?

A. Wrong! Nobody can refill the paste manually once pressed out from the tube.

Q. Why ‘Silence please’ in hospitals is being written on walls?

A. But, they ignore the new born babies crying in maternity wards.

Q. Which is the bogus set of Q&A out of above 13?

A. Better to ask me which is not!!!

Summing up, I hope that you will agree with the answer of my last question with no any fear of breach of any protocol between a Blogger and a Reader! How nice to recognize and accept own limitations!

Have a good day or night whichever you are passing through!

– Valibhai Musa


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Say ‘Live and Let Live’ with a humanly heart!

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Open any news paper or switch on any news channel on TV or chat on your computer to read latest news and you will find a report that somewhere in the world some humans, either individually or in mass, have been killed under one or the other type of conflict. World religions unanimously agree on one point that human is the best creation of God among all creatures. But, it is equally true that when we hear of killing of humans by humans, we are compelled to believe in the naked truth that human is the worst of all creatures in the universe.

It is quite obvious that the most difficult conflicts to be resolved are ethnic conflicts. They are the most violent and the highest numbers of civilian casualties are seen there. If we, calmly in peace of mind, ponder over such internal conflicts among our human race, we are surely to come to the conclusion that such sinful acts of shedding blood of innocents is not only cowardice but foolish also. To clear this point in the minds of my Readers, I would like to give below an exemplary humorous parable somewhere heard locally. It is as follows:

“In some remote rural areas of the country, the marriage procession of a bridegroom was going to the other village, the venue of marriage. The participants of the procession were traveling by bullock-carts. They all were young and had avoided old hand people to join with them just to enjoy marriage ceremony freely. The carts were passing through narrow farm-way one after another.

The very first cart stopped and the riders of the rest carts jumped down to see what had happened. To their surprise, they saw that an iguana (a kind or species of lizard, large, strong and flat) was lying in the middle of the narrow-way. They already knew that it was an innocent and non-poisonous creature and by making slight noise of hitting sticks on ground, it might run away.

One of them was cruel and tried to rush in and kill it, but the rest stopped him to do so. Someone told that they should make a peaceful dialogue with it to leave the way and if it does not agree with them they might kill it.

A young man was just like an improvisator (a poet who can form spot poems) and he instantly made out a couplet in his native language addressing to the iguana. Its summarized translation was as “Iguana ‘O’ iguana of Timbatuda (imaginary village name), please move here or there; otherwise five-ten members from your side or five-ten members from our side will die or get injured if we mutually fight. What is to be gained with this bloody conflict for a very minor cause?”

The iguana did not move from its place and those youngsters decided to start a fight with it. But, one so called wise man took the side of the iguana and said, “There is no justice to fight with the weak. The iguana itself is alone on its side and we are many. Should we the half of us not be the part of its side?”

All agreed with the proposal and they divided themselves into two parts and a terrible fight with long and strong sticks began. All were stained with blood and some were seriously injured in heads, jaws, eyes, arms and legs. Meanwhile, the iguana was frightened with the noise of hitting of sticks and loud cries and ran away. As soon as the iguana cleared the way, the fight stopped and the winners shouted loudly, “The iguana group is defeated, the iguana group is defeated! Shame … Shame! Iguana, your Chief, left away the battle field.”

The above episode may look to be exaggerative, but we should not forget that it is merely a parable. What it may be, but it teaches us a moral lesson that to fight internally for a big or small cause is senseless and foolish also.

Mankind’s insecurity is not from the outside, but from inside. No any enemies from other planets attack on us and suppose that they exist somewhere they need not. Their task is being fulfilled by us. With man-made disasters, we would die together but we would not live together. What any other human tragedy might be more serious than this suicidal tragedy by humans themselves! Human race is passing through hanging swords over heads. There is no surety of safe return of anybody stepping out of the thresh-hold of own home. Sometimes human is not safe even in own home also. Mahatma Gandhi has rightly said, “The world is weary of hate. We see that this song of hate has not benefited humanity.” He further added, “My faith is as strong as ever. There is no hope for the aching world except through the narrow and straight path of Non-violence.”

Summing up, the splitting or joining of the world or society depends on understanding of human being. No any religion is superior to religion of humanity. No any religion teaches its followers to harm or hate others. Religion of humanity is not a new religion or it is not a new name of any religion. This religion of humanity already exists in all religions. Any religion is multifaceted by nature and to limit it to certain aspects of own interpretations is not just.

Let us all propagate and make popular these meritorious words “Live and Let Live” globally for creation of the peaceful world.


– Valibhai Musa


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My Comment on a Silicon Blogger’s Post ‘Teasing’

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As mentioned in my Second Anniversary Celebration post, I am actively involved with some Professional Web Sites. SiliconIndia is one of those where I have created a blog exclusively on Humor titled as William’s Humor. My network there also gradually increases day by day. If anybody is interested to join SiliconIndia, one has to sign up with Email Id and Password.

Now, I come to the point. Jyoti Sachan, an MBA Student has created her blog as ‘Jyoti on net’ on SiliconIndia. Recently, I happened to read her two Posts on ‘Teasing’ titled as (1) Teasing: A Big Burning Issue (2) Teasing: The Solution. Both have been respectively published on May 29, 2009 & June 3, 2009. I recommend to my Blog Readers to visit Jyoti’s blog and read both the Articles with comments also to acquire knowledge of different opinions of Readers on the issue related to women worldwide.

I have commented the Second Post – “Teasing: The Solution” in my words as follows:

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