My Comment on a Silicon Blogger’s Post ‘Teasing’

04 Jun

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As mentioned in my Second Anniversary Celebration post, I am actively involved with some Professional Web Sites. SiliconIndia is one of those where I have created a blog exclusively on Humor titled as William’s Humor. My network there also gradually increases day by day. If anybody is interested to join SiliconIndia, one has to sign up with Email Id and Password.

Now, I come to the point. Jyoti Sachan, an MBA Student has created her blog as ‘Jyoti on net’ on SiliconIndia. Recently, I happened to read her two Posts on ‘Teasing’ titled as (1) Teasing: A Big Burning Issue (2) Teasing: The Solution. Both have been respectively published on May 29, 2009 & June 3, 2009. I recommend to my Blog Readers to visit Jyoti’s blog and read both the Articles with comments also to acquire knowledge of different opinions of Readers on the issue related to women worldwide.

I have commented the Second Post – “Teasing: The Solution” in my words as follows:

“Jyoti Beta (daughter)

Congratulations for putting a very sensitive cultural issue on debate.

Importance of good dressing sense cannot be ignored. Just to support the suggestion, I’ll illustrate an episode that had happened some years past in our village. In our local Trust Hospital, a mid-wife approached the President with bundle of vulgar letters from some Romeo with tears in her eyes. The President was aged, having respectable image of just like a village father, but at the same time he was outspoken also. Firstly, he consoled her and assured her to look into the matter. When she was departing, he offered her to pay out the bills of replacement of all her sleeveless upper garments. He, very emotionally, said, “I am like your father, but I cannot restrict my eyes to look upon your shoulders. Do you understand what I mean to say? My daughter, maintain yourself civic in your dress.”

Hope above self explanatory illustration will be clear to all to serve the purpose of your Article.


My learned Commentators and especially females are requested to express their views and ideas to make the debate not only interesting but also to provide guide-lines to Government Authorities worldwide to cope with the burning issue to uplift the culture and character of the people and preserve dignity of women in societies.


– Valibhai Musa


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3 responses to “My Comment on a Silicon Blogger’s Post ‘Teasing’


    June 6, 2009 at 9:41 am

    Valibhai….Read your Post…. Congrats on your new activity…May God give you all the Energies….
    Just clicked & visited Jyoti’s Blog..Nice !
    Your comment for the Post touched me… say from your heart…Your comments on my Blog Chandrapukar are my valuable assets !


  2. karimbhia v.hada

    June 15, 2009 at 1:58 am

    Sir, In continuation of your comments,I would like to put here three couplets from Urdu poetry which indicate three different perspective of viewing beauty.Let my fellow readers enjoy them and decide what is the truth.(1) Ishq ka joke najara mufta men badanam hai.Hushna khud betab hai, jalwa dikhane ke liye.(2) Uf,.hushna bhi kya buri bala hai, Jisne nazar dali, buri dali ! (3) Durud kanyo na padhe dekh kar hasino ko, ki shana-a-shan hai ham jaise bino ko ! Would you pl. translate them in English? With regards.


  3. Jyoti Sachan

    June 19, 2009 at 10:09 am

    Vali Uncle
    Thank you very much for adding my blog link on your web site. I am highly thankful to you. I am just a student of MBA, it is my pleasure that you have given me a chance to explore my ideas in front of the people of your network. Thanks again & again….

    Jyoti Sachan
    Pursuing MBA



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