Human’s Ungratefulness towards the Creator of the Worlds

01 Sep

Now-a-days, the fasts of the Islamic month of Ramadan are going on. During these days, I am referring the commentaries of Qur’anic verses in English version complied by Shi’ite Ayatollah Sayyid Kamal Faghih Imani & a Group of Muslim Scholars. My today’s post is based on the Verse No. 78 of Sura Al-Mu’minun No.23. It is as “He it is Who produced for you hearing, and eyes, and hearts (minds); (very) little it is what you give thanks.”

My humble intention, here, is to discuss in brief for ungratefulness of human kind towards God. Human has been favored with His uncountable blessings. Here, I am going to proceed into my topic taking into consideration His favors of eyes, ears and mind only to human body as mentioned in above verse. It is the secondary matter that some of the human beings, in exceptional cases, might be lacking these abilities of hearing, seeing and understanding many things with mind. God’s some actions in particular cases are mysterious and beyond our imagination; and, therefore I leave aside the discussion for the same here to hold on my topic.

Eyes and ears are such organs of human body through which human can perceive some physical things. Similarly, human mind can understand some mental issues. Vision and audition are the important factors of human life. In absence of these two sensations, the world would be limited for human. By losing ability of hearing, the ability of speech would not develop. A deaf by birth remains dumb throughout life. Until some time past, words ‘deaf and dumb’ were used in medical term. Now, the word ‘deaf’ only is used for such physically handicapped persons; why, because the person (in case of newborn child) is only deaf first and therefore it remains dumb. It is obvious that speech can be learnt through hearing only.

Now we come to the ability of mind. Mind is the key of understanding the world. Mind is provided data of physical things through ears and eyes and then the work of mind starts. Mind’s functions are mainly to criticize, to conclude, to generalize and to analyze the data provided by ears and eyes. Scientific research has proved that human has caught the ability of hearing first and thereafter the ability of seeing. Newborn baby’s functions of ears start first and then the functions of the eyes begin. The concrete argument is that the fetus can hear its mother’s heart-beatings and even her voice still when it is in mother’s womb. But, in case of child’s ability of seeing, it is not possible whether eyes are wide or closed; why, because the environment of womb is without light and therefore eyes can see nothing.

Now, I turn to the ungratefulness of human kind towards God. With abilities of eyes, ears and mind human can seek knowledge. Human acquires knowledge for his worldly affairs and their benefits through his mind, but he neglects to have any knowledge of God who is the Giver of all such abilities. Human mind is very compact to be studied. Its functions are so mysterious that in simple words it can be said that it is a God made Computer gifted to every human by birth. Man made Computers is nothing but simply an attempt to make an artificial mind with so many limitations. What it may be but we have to ponder over the fact that we pay very little attention towards our gratefulness towards God. In our social system, whenever we are obliged by anybody even with any minor service, we never forget to thank him or her. Thanks-giving is our social manner and if anybody neglects it, he or she is criticized with the words as how manner-less he or she is.

Every religion has taught its followers how to pray the God. Common text of all the religions of the world is to thank for what has been bestowed by God and to make further requests of what is needed. Some ideal prayers are such where nothing is prayed for self, but for the whole of universe. Similarly, some prayers are not limited to satisfy worldly desires but for advancement in spirituality and well-wising of entire mankind. Every religion has prescribed one or more Prayers to recite by heart with concentration.

But, these verbal prayers only cannot take the place of real thank-giving to God. Charity is also a way of thanks-giving to God. When we give something for charity to any needy person; it is not any obligation or favor to him or her, but is merely the payment of royalty on behalf of God for what we use as the raw material of what we produce and earn if we are a manufacturer. If we are a businessman or professional, we pay the levy of our intellectual property borrowed from Him. If we are a farmer, we use land, water, seeds etc. provided by Him and pay the price for the infrastructures. If we are a laborer, we pay Him for the physical strength He favored us. Nothing is ours, everything is His. Even we-ourselves are in existence at His will and our every breathe is dependent of Him.

To sum up, I’ll quote Shi’ite Imam Hajarat Ali (a.s.) who, in a sermon, said, “When a man dies, his relatives ask how much wealth he has left. While the angels look to see how much he had given in charity, in the path of the God.”


– Valibhai Musa



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2 responses to “Human’s Ungratefulness towards the Creator of the Worlds


    August 31, 2009 at 8:46 pm

    Nothing is ours, everything is His. Even we-ourselves are in existence at His will and our every breathe is dependent of Him. ……
    Dear Valibhai, Thanks first for your visit/comment on my Blog…..
    As read this Post I was touched by the above in your Post…it tells ALL ! God , the Merciful, had given us ALL , along with the “free will ” But, we , as the Humans , often forget that FACT….We NEVER THANK him…not ONLY that, but we claim WE DO ALL THESE THINGS…..Let this Post OPEN the eyes/.ears? and the MINDS of MANY.
    In this discussions, I wish to share with your Readers that presently, the Topic of “JANKALYAN KARYO” is on my Blog, CHANDRAPUKAR & invite you ALL to read those Posts too.
    Dr, Chandravadan Mistry



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