Some well thought witty Q&A

13 Sep

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This post follows to my previous one “Time-pass Crazy Q&A”. Here, you will read some ‘quality not quantity’ – material just to sharpen your intellect. This product has resulted from my own thinking from moments to hours in dim light at midnight. Some questions arose in my mind have been answered by myself with my intuition after my short-medium-long well thinking process or some from my studies. They have been kept safe in my memory for years and I disclose the same today before my valued Readers just for entertainment or acquiring knowledge.

  • Why is sympathy greater than gold?

    Gold comes from the earth, but sympathy comes from heaven with God’s grace; and, heaven is above the earth.

  • How all creatures including human die?

    By taking last breath in or leaving it out.

  • Which punishment does the God not do on judgment day?

    To exile the sinners from His universe as everything within or without the universe is His creation.

  • Why do lunar calendar observers count the night first?

    They believe that when Adam and Eve were sent to earth, there was darkness on earth. Adam prayed for light and thereafter there was the light.

  • Why, in democratic nations, the wife of the President is called the first lady?

    She may perhaps be the second or the third for the President, but for the citizens she is the first and first only. The question behind above question is: Has anybody thought over the bachelor President or having more than one wife or even in case of female President?

  • Who dies first and takes birth next?

    Any creature already dead in mother’s womb takes birth next if the mother remains alive and delivery is possible!

  • Can milked milk of cattle be returned to its udders?

    No, not at all directly; but yes, if recycled!

  • Have you heard that a crane bird is always seen in couple as true lovers and if any one dies, the other makes suicide due to inability of bearing grief of permanent separation?

    May be it right; but both can be stuffed and be put in a showcase of a Museum in couple!

  • Why week days are seven?

    They are limited to seven for all; but in individual cases weak days may be many!

  • How many days are there for every block of 400 years in English calendar?

    (365 X 400) + (100 – 3) = 146000 + 97 = 146097 (First three century years don’t have 29 days in the month of February)

Okay! My friends, it’s over meanwhile.

Thank you,

– Valibhai Musa

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One response to “Some well thought witty Q&A

  1. Devang Vibhakar

    November 5, 2009 at 9:21 am

    very well done, thanks for sharing.



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