Expositions of Chosen Poems – 1 (A Poison Tree)

27 Oct

While chatting on Internet, I chanced to pick an English poem written by William Blake titled as “A Poison Tree”. Following is the link of the original poem being exposed here. My Readers might click it if they are anxious to go thereat.

The poem in discussion here is based on ‘Anger’, a human’s very weak sentiment of behavior which if controlled; the half problems of human life might be calmed down. There is no any difference between Anger and Alcohol (wine) as both make us forget our wisdom when we are under their influence.

The poet is angry with his friend for some reason. He complains to his own anger and seeks guidance what to do; but to his surprise the anger itself calms down. The reason behind this outcome is that the anger is with the friend and the friend is his own fellow. Thus the anger melts down itself instead of growing more because they both are one in two.

But, our poem is about the anger with a foe (enemy). The anger of the poet is the same but the opposite characters are different. Here is the enemy on one side and the anger of the poet grows more instead of ending as in the case with the friend. Why because the poet nourishes his anger with great care just by watering it with wearing artificial smiles on face and providing it sunlight of deceitful tricks to grow more and more.

Now, the interesting result of nourishment of anger comes out. Just like an apple tree, the anger against the enemy flourishes. The enemy observes the shining apple keenly and fixes his idea in mind that the tree grown and flourished is of none but the poet himself. Briefly to say, he finds that it is belonged to the poet.

Surprisingly, the enemy enters the garden of the poet one night where the tree of anger is sown. The poet was always busy day and night to multiply his enmity against his enemy; but the enemy was passive in this regard. That morning, the poet did see to his glad that the enemy had outstretched under the tree.

The central idea of the poem is that the man who becomes angry with the enemy fondles the anger with great care and love but the re-action from other side seems to be very mild beyond expectation. Summarily, it can be stated that the expresser of the anger is burning in own fire of anger all the times; but the victim of the anger is calm and comfortable and enjoys the situation. The poisonous tree grown with enmity might turn to be provider of the cool shadow for shelter and resting place for the enemy.

Hopefully, the veracity of my interpretation of the theme of the poem here may be excused if otherwise understood by anybody.

– Valibhai Musa


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3 responses to “Expositions of Chosen Poems – 1 (A Poison Tree)

  1. A P PATEL

    June 20, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    Valibhai Musa,
    I read your literarily anaylitical interpretation of the poem”A Poison Tree”.I appreciate your talent and skill of handling poems, in their inherent essence and ideas associated with them.Again,I congratulate you for serving to us such beautiful “Kavya Rasdarshan” both in English and Gujarati.The beauty of your writing lies in reading between the lines of poems and drawing out inherent upshots and thrusts through very carefully chosen and appropriate vocabulary.Thanks.

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  2. Lord eBay

    July 15, 2015 at 9:48 pm

    Nice one.



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