Whether just weight and measurement is limited to trades?

19 Mar

Here is a verse from The Holy Qur’an related to ‘Weight and Measurement’ and which is one of the important ethics in the Fair Trading. It is as this: “Woe to the defrauders who when they take a measure from people, take it in full; but when they give by measure or weight to men, they cause loss (give less than what is due). Do they not think that they shall be raised (to life again) for a Great Day, the Day when (all) mankind shall stand before the Lord of the Worlds?”(83:1-6). The concept of ‘Weight and Measurement’ is expected to be understood in shortchanging in numerical method of trading also where the items are sold counting one by one.

No any trader, manufacturer or even a hawker has any right to tread on the rights of the people. Customers have the natural right to have the goods exactly both in quality and quantity and service after sale also for what they pay. In other words, we may say that the justice must be maintained or observed to make a deal fair. I shall recommend you to read a fitting quote of Mahatma Gandhi to understand well the trader-customer relation which was mentioned in my earlier Post “As if Mr. Jeff is alive!”.

My good Readers will not misunderstand me that I am targeting only particular group of people in society. Tendency of double standards can stand for any person, from a laborer to an industrialist and even a Rickshaw driver. In broader sense, all of us might come under the said category, little or more. All expect honesty and good behavior from others, but the most of us are not prepared to behave so as we wish for ourselves. For example to say, we can boldly deny accepting the slightly doubtful soil currency note from others; but we will, contrarily, never miss to try to easily pass on even the fully damaged currency note to others smartly.

Let me speak more to cover some fields in the range of our discussion like mutual relationships between Governments and their citizens. The principle of ‘Give and Take’ also works here. If any of the two gets more and gives little, there occurs the breach of the law of justification. We see that the most of the Governments of the world do collect tremendous backbreaking taxes and do not utilize the funds properly for the welfare of the citizens. Similarly, the citizens agitate for their rights, but they do not fulfill their national duties. All these fall under the category in question.

In the beginning of my post, I have already said that the proper justice must be maintained in all types of mutual affairs or transactions in routine human life. If children don’t take care of their parents, it is unjust and liable to be condemned under the rules of conduct (આચારસંહિતા). Under weighing traders of commodities are some far better than those who travel by bus or train without tickets and also the thieves, pickpockets and likes of them. I don’t take side of the former compared to the latter ones as both pound or penny defrauders are equally sinners or offenders. In the cases of those fully dishonest people, there is no any excuse as their gaining is completely unlawful.

As usual, I’ll represent here a quote of Harold S. Geneen with some changes in certain words of him as “It is an unchangeable law in business or human behaviors that words are words, explanations are explanations, promises are promises; but only performance is the reality.” The false scales and measuring equipments used in trades, either intentionally or lazily, can cheat thousands of the customers and such unfair practice equates with those thieves proving a proverb true that the thief and his brother thief. Both cannot be on par because the disparity in numbers of the people being cheated is much more than those affected with individual thefts. .

Hope my little endeavor for justification of the title of the post would have satisfied my Readers as it is very difficult to make enough room for considerate topics in a single chapter rather than the openness in a volume.

– Valibhai Musa


Please find a humorous bonus quote of George Bernard Shaw, not fitting fully to the post but appealing to ‘measurement’, as this: “The only man I know who behaves sensibly is my tailor, he takes my measurements anew each time he sees me. The rest go on with their old measurements and expect me to fit them.”

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