(248) 4th Blogversary Post of my Blog ‘William’s Tales’

05 May
(248) 4th Blogversary Post of my Blog ‘William’s Tales’

Hello World, Hi India, Hey Gujarat & Salaam-Pranaam Kanodar

Here, I (Valibhai Musa) am with 4th Blogversary Article of my Blogging Activity. Today i.e. on 5th May, 2011, I’ll complete FOUR years with my total posts in number of 248 on my Parent (Main) Blog “William’s Tales” (Bilingual – Gujarati & English).

I know that the Readers or the referrers of any Blog are never interested in statistical details as they attract them very low and it is very common to do so on the side of Bloggers also now-a-days. But, I won’t bore you with a ton of graphics and/or figures in this Blogversary Post.

In continuation of my 3rd Anniversary post, I have simply to say that I have fulfilled my commitment and launched two more Offspring-like (Sub) Blogs of my Ebooks in English and Gujarati this year. They are as follows:

William’s Preparatory Ebooks (Gujarati) –

William’s Preparatory Ebooks (English) –

In some of my Ebooks, my Readers can read the Articles directly by scrolling up and down; but in the most of my Ebooks, they will have to click at the particular post in the Index. In other words to say, I have simply classified the posts of my main Blog into certain categories and/or the forms of the literature. My best friend Mr. Sureshbhai Jani has rightly said that they cannot be named as Ebooks as they are simply blogs. In the sense of humor, I had told him that they are neither Ebooks nor Blogs; but they are Eboogs, a compound word made with the combination of both ‘Books’ and ‘Blogs’ words for fun. Seriously speaking, I have accepted his remark and  titles of both the blogs have been amended with addition of the word ‘Preparatory’.

For the convenience of my Readers, I give below the list of my Ebooks (both in English & Gujarati) with their Links to facilitate them to reach the respective book directly.

English Ebooks:

(1) Global Peace and Brotherhood

(2) W. Musa’s Short Stories

(3) The Square World

(4) In Light Mood

(5) Life – Peace and Problems

(6) Human Life – Direction and Destination

(7) Ascetics of Rewards

(8) The Primer of Spirituality

(9) Money Matters Matter Much

(10)At my Glance

ગુજરાતી ઈ-બુક્સ

(૧) જળસમાધિ

(૨) મારી કાન્તા

(૩) ભેદભરમની ભીતરમાં

(૪) હળવા મિજાજે

(૫) કૌટુંબિક કૂટપ્રશ્નો

(૬) સરપાવનાં વૈરાગીજન

(૭) માનવજીવન – દિશા અને લક્ષ

(૮) ચોરસ દુનિયા

(૯) આધ્યાત્મચિંતન

(૧૦) વિશ્વશાંતિ અને વિશ્વભ્રાતૃત્વ

(૧૧) મારી નજરે

(૧૨) મારા ભાવાનુવાદો

(૧૩) હાઈકુપુષ્પ અને પમરાટ

(૧૪) ‘હાસ્ય દરબાર’ના દાયરેથી

Above Ebooks need some editing and I’ll continue the said work till the each book comes into its Printable form if ever my descendents or I myself wish to get them published. Some friends of mine who have published their books do not advise to go after such madness for scores of reasons; but, I have not still decided what to do.

The fourth year of my Blogging has proved to be advantageous to me as far as the new relationships are concerned. I never knew that I would make so many friends who had the same interests as me, and I would learn many new things from the most of them. Just to maintain the standard size of this post, I am not going to catalogue them all. All my relationships have been emotional with mutual affections and some of them are so nice that as if we knew one another or each other for years.

In the month of August, 2010, I had gone under the knife for my bypass heart surgery. While typing this paragraph, my eyes get wet with tears. Hundreds of my Blogger as well as Netter friends and a lot of my valued Readers had expressed their good vibes and had prayed for my early recovery. I once again thank you all for your good feelings and I let you all also know that I am keeping well now. I am grateful to the Creator of the worlds that He has granted me a new life.

While nearing to end my post, I have to say that I am going to give you a separate post of the List of my Articles published during the fourth year of my Blogging sooner or later with their Links to their respective original places of the publications.

Summing up, I thank all my Readers for their readings, feedbacks, comments and visits to my Blog/s.

With warm regards

Valibhai Musa


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7 responses to “(248) 4th Blogversary Post of my Blog ‘William’s Tales’

  1. Shashikant Vanikar

    May 5, 2011 at 7:07 am

    This Comment is received by email and has been posted here by the Author on his behalf : –

    Most Respected Janab VaLibhai Musa, Sir

    Wish you very fine and lovely Good Morning.

    Heartiest thanks 4 your kind mail and its content.
    I am really very happy to see that your hard works bring very useful knowledge, information and moreover happiness – joy to your readers.

    Your all articles are very very good and always light on the current society’s trend with treasure of your rich experiences.

    At this juncture, I express my heartiest congratulations to you and all your dearones for this grand success in this internet era through the simple click of your PC’s Mouse at home-based Hard Work.

    May Almighty Lovely God bestow upon you – a very very Good health, peace, prosperity and enough strength to carry out this noble cause of enlightening the mission of knowledge (Education) through this wonderful mean.

    Again hope and pray for your all the best 4 ever.

    With best regards,

    Shashikant Vanikar.


  2. Valibhai Musa

    May 5, 2011 at 7:09 am

    Dear Shashikant,

    Many many thanks for your sympathetic words regarding my health and Blogging.

    Yours very truly,



  3. pragnaju

    May 5, 2011 at 4:59 pm

    Hearty congratulations


  4. Hussainali Musa

    May 8, 2011 at 6:27 am

    My heartiest congratulations on your 4th Blogversary.


  5. Pancham Shukla

    May 8, 2011 at 6:44 am

    An email message from the Commentator:

    Congratulations, Valibhai.


  6. Valibhai Musa

    May 8, 2011 at 7:49 am

    ખૂબ ખૂબ આભાર.



  7. Hasanbhai Musa

    May 19, 2011 at 10:30 am

    Warm congratulations on your Blogversary



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