(259) HB 2 ME !

07 Jul
(259) HB 2 ME !




Me !!!




I have wished my Happy Birthday to me on behalf of you all. I had passed my S.S.C. in 1959 and today I have passed the same S.S.C. once again at the age of 70 i.e. I am now Super Senior Citizen.

Today, I am not going to publish any occasional new Article, but I ask you to find below the Links of my previous Articles published on my 68 th & 69 th Birthday Anniversaries respectively in English & Gujarati.

(1) Customary celebrations of birthdays

(2) (206) પ્રણાલિકાગત જન્મદિવસોની ઊજવણીઓ

Hope you will excuse me for my repetition of the earlier posts as I am in a special mood not to write any more in this regards.

very sincerely Yours

Valibhai Musa


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3 responses to “(259) HB 2 ME !

  1. Sharad Shah

    July 8, 2011 at 5:52 am

    Dear Valibhai;
    I also wish that all dialogs and monologs takes rest on your 70th Birthday at-least for a day and you experience the taste of peace(Maun).Let the peace be a part of your remaining life.
    His Blessings.


    • Valibhai Musa

      July 8, 2011 at 9:45 am

      આભાર, ગાગરમાં સાગર જેવા પ્રતિભાવ બદલ. એક માસ માટે યુ.એસ.-કેનેડા જાઉં છું. ઘણા મિત્રોને મળવાની તમન્ના છે, જોઈએ કેટલાને મળાય છે!


  2. chandravadan

    August 29, 2011 at 10:58 am

    Read the New & Old Posts…..And, I see this Post as the Beginning for your Journey to U.S.A.
    And, as you planned that 1st trip to America, my prayers were for an Enjoyable Time in U.S.A. and then your Safe Return to India.
    DR. CHANDRAVADAN MISTRY (Chandrapukar)
    Valibhai….I post this comment today, knowing that you had returned Home.



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