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(345) My quoted Quotes in my Posts (2)

(345) My quoted Quotes in my Posts (2)

(5) “The life is, in real sense, a life when there is the combination of both happiness and gloomy.” (Valibhai Musa)

# Happiness and Gloomy (May – 2007)

(6) “Purity of intention and sincerity in action always bring good results.” (Unknown Source)

(7) “No doubt, it is said, ‘The good beginning is half done’; but it is possible that the ‘Half done’ may convert into ‘Undone’ also if the same spirit is not maintained.” (Valibhai Musa)

(8) “Necessity is the mother of invention” (Unknown Source)

# The Steady Progress (May – 2007)

(9) “A short but quality living is greater than the quantity living measured in years.” (Valibhai Musa)

# The Demise of Gentleman (May – 2007)

(10) “All’s Well That Ends Well.” (Shakespeare)

# All’s Well that Ends Well (May – 2007)

(11) “Any imbalance in the living life invites the downfall of the soul and the body from their moderate states of health. (Valibhai Musa)

(12) The first step of the ladder to climb up to reach the nearness of the God is to know ‘self’. (Hajarat Imam Ali (a.s.)’s quotation is amended in similar words by Author- Valibhai Musa)

# Inspired Knowledge (Intuition)(સહજ જ્ઞાન) (June – 2007) 

(13) “Every charitable act is a stepping stone towards heaven.” (Somebody)

(14) “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Even the poor should give something to charity.” (Sir Winston Churchill)

(15), “It’s not how much we give, but how much love we can put into giving.” (Mother Terasa)

(16) “If you cannot lift the load off another’s back, do not walk away; but try to lighten it.” (Frank Tyger)

(17) “When we give something for charity to any needy person; it is not any obligation or favor to him, but is merely the payment of royalty on behalf of God for what we use as the raw material of what we produce and earn if we are a manufacturer. If we are a businessman or professional, we pay the levy of our intellectual property borrowed from Him. If we are a farmer, we use land, water, seeds etc. provided by Him. If we are a laborer, we pay Him for the physical strength He favored us. Nothing is ours, everything is His. Even we-ourselves are in existence at His will and our every breathe is dependent of Him.” (Valibhai Musa)

(18) “When a man dies, his relatives ask how much wealth he has left. While the angels look to see how much he had given in charity, in the path of the God.” (Hajarat Imam Ali A.S.)

(19) ”The God loves those who love Him, but loves those more who love their fellow-men.” (By Author – Valibhai Musa : based on an English poem ‘Abu Ben Adam and Angel’.)

# Charity (ભાવનાનું મૂલ્ય) (June – 2007) 

-Valibhai Musa

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(344) My quoted Quotes in my Posts (1)

Dear Readers,

Now onwards, you will get my quoted Quotes in my Posts.

(1) “Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you!!!!”

(Unknown Source)

# No Post of mine could be traced out, meanwhile.

(2) “A Material House” which is built with walls in which the members live like in a Hotel or a Hostel where the facilities are, no doubt, provided; but it cannot be “A Home” where the paradise itself comes down from the sky above.” (Valibhai Musa)

A Free Home (May – 2007)

(3) Our life is a school where we have continuously to learn till the last breath of our life. (Valibhai Musa)

(4) Love of any category is not dependent on words if it is true.” (Valibhai Musa)

# Relationship (May – 2007)

-Valibhai Musa

(344) My quoted Quotes in my Posts (1)


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(343) Needing voluntary, neutral and stranger critics for my P-Books

(343) Needing voluntary, neutral and stranger critics for my P-Books

As my valued Readers know me very well that I am a WordPress Bilingual Blogger for the last about five years. During the first two years of my Blogging, the most of my posts were in English save some pdf Attachments of my stories in Gujarati, the Indian Regional Language being spoken by about ten billion Gujaratis worldwide. For the last three years and some months, I have been publishing my Articles both in Gujarati and English, some directly written in respective language and some mutually translated. Till now, I have published some 350 Articles on my Blog written by myself with an exception of a very few Articles both translated and written by anybody else as the preface or the review of my books.

For the last some months, I was engaged in classifying my posts in various categories and preparing E-Books. A renowned E-Book publisher known as ‘MyVishwa Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  (BookGanga), Pune has published all my E-Books in number of 13 as follows:

English : –

(1)  In Light Mood – Essay/Article

(2)  In Thoughtful Mood – Essay/Article

(3) In Changing Moods – Essay/Article

Gujarati : –

(4)  Halva Mijaje (હળવા મિજાજે) – નિબંધ/લેખ

(5)  Vicharshil Mijaje (વિચારશીલ મિજાજે) – નિબંધ/લેખ

(6)  Jalsamadhi (જલસમાધિ) – વાર્તા

(7)  Maari Kanta (મારી કાન્તા) – વાર્તા

(8)  Muj KavitadaN (મુજ કવિતડાં) – કાવ્ય

(9) Parivartit Mijaje (પરિવર્તિત મિજાજે) – નિબંધ/લેખ

(10)  Vyangya Kavan (વ્યંગ્ય કવન) – કાવ્ય

(11)  Wiliamana Hasya Hayaku  (વિલિયમનાં હાસ્ય હાઈકુ) – કાવ્ય/હાઈકુ

(12) Sambhavi Mijaje (સમભાવી મિજાજે) – નિબંધ/લેખ/વિવેચન

 (13) Prasanna Mijaje (પ્રસન્ન મિજાજે) –નિબંધ/લેખ

The word ‘Needing’ in the title of this post might seem surprising to my Readers as it sounds like an advertisement for having services of the critics, but it is not so. Hundreds of my Blogger friends and many men of literature known to me might be helpful to me with a single request of mine to them and some of them have already extended their co-operation to me in this regard, but here I wish that my remaining E-Books be reviewed or criticized by some unknown critics.

Andy Warhol has said, “Don’t think about making art or literature, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it.” Accordingly, I wish my creation be strongly criticized. I wish that the critic of my creation might pull my ears if I am wrong anywhere in any way in my writing. ‘Yes-man-ship’ of a critic or simply a critic be only admirer is harmful to the author at long run. The critic is like the judicial authority for an author. My word ‘neutral’ also in my title is purposeful. The critic should neither behave as a friend nor a foe of the author. He has to be a true judge of the author’s creation. The critic should highlight both good and bad qualities of the writing frankly. He should be far from any bias of the author and content, and must write what is right while evaluating any book or article.

I am in need of Gujarati and English critics for all my published E-Books which are intended to be published in Print Form. If I get willingness of anybody for being my critic/s, I’ll accept their co-operation for some those E-Books which have been already published without any criticism. On receiving the preparedness of being the critic/s of my Books, I’ll forward them my E-Books in PDF format for their review.

Summing up, I have to say with pleasure that I myself am an author and a critic also. Sambhavi Mijaje (સમભાવી મિજાજે) is a book of my criticism on Articles and/or Books of my some Blogger friends. In humorous mood, I may say that any barber cannot cut his own hair, but he has to go to the other barber for the same. In this way, it is obvious that it would be against protocol of the literary world if I criticize my books myself. Thus, I am prepared to have criticism against criticism; that is, in other words to say, exchange of co-operation for criticism.

Awaiting for favorable responses from other than my Blogger-Netter friends in this regard,

With warm regards,

– Valibhai Musa [musawilliam(at)gmail(dot)com] ((My E-Books on BookGanga))

Note :- My Blogger-Netter friends may play a role of a middle person between my likely being critic/s and me.


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(૩૪૨) કૌન ગીરા? (વ્યંગ કાવ્ય)

(૩૪૨) કૌન ગીરા? (વ્યંગ કાવ્ય)


‘કૌન ગીરા?’

‘અરે! કૌન ગીરા?’

બંગલેમેં કોઈ હૈ કિ નહિ!

કમબખ્ત સબ નૌકર ચાકર ભી મર ગએ કિ ક્યા?

કોઈ સુનતા કયોં નહિં!

મૈં પૂછતા હુઁ કિ અભી અભી કિસીકે ગીરનેકી આવાજ આઈ,

બતાઓ તો સહી કિ વહ કૌન ગીરા?

એક ચાકર દૌડતા આયા ઔર કહને લગા,

માલિક આપ ગીરે હૈ!

સચમુચ મૈં ગીરા હુઁ?

હાઁ જી, આપ હી ગીરે હૈ, કોઈ શક હૈ કિ ક્યા!

નહિ, નહિ! અબ તો કોઈ શક નહિ!

ક્યોં કિ અબ મૈં દર્દ મહસુસ કર રહા હુઁ!

લગતા હૈ, ભારી ચોટ લગી હૈ, ઊઠા ભી નહિ જાતા!

સબ મિલકે મુઝે ઊઠાઓ,

ઔર પલંગમેં લે લો, સમ્હાલના,

ફિરસે મત ગીરાના, વરના મુઝે ફિરસે પૂછના પડેગા

કૌન ગીરા?

-વલીભાઈ મુસા


(૩૪૧) એ ‘સભા’ કરતાંય ઘણું વિશેષ બની રહી …

(૩૪૧) એ ‘સભા’ કરતાંય ઘણું વિશેષ બની રહી …

સુજ્ઞ વાચકો,

જુગલકિશોરભાઈના બ્લોગ NET – ગુર્જરી ઉપર તેમની કલમે લખાએલો  અમદાવાદ બ્લોગરસભાનો અહેવાલ વાંચવા માટે અહીં CLICK  કરો. 

-વલીભાઈ મુસા


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