(599) On my 13th Blogversary, Be Co-sharer in Cause of Humanity

05 May

My Dearest  Netter, Blogger, FB, Twitter, Linked-In, Quora  (Social Media) friends & those friends  who are not on any Social Media Platform.

Hope you all are fine in all aspects of your valued  life.

Today (5th May) is the special day for me as on this day in 2007, I had entered the Blogging world with my Blog “William’s Tales”. My 1st Post was titled as ‘A Free Home’. Total number of my Articles is 598 till now. My journey of 13 years in this new world has gifted me numerous friends from India and abroad, taking all together we may form a new village.

Subsequently to my parent Blog, I had started two more Blogs namely “Valda-no-Vaarta Vaibhav” on Dt.060313 (BD of my g.son Aabis) and “Manav-dharm’ on Dt.190315 (BD of my g.son Dr. Rameez Musa, M.S.- Ortho.). “Valda-no-Vaarta Vaibhav” is exclusive blog of my Short stories  where I have posted my own 103 stories. “Manav-dharm’ is a common Blog with 83 Posts, where I have sought co-operation of other authors whose Articles were in line with the motive of the Blog.

Total number of all viewers of all the three blogs is 259250 and total visitors are 43353. Moreover, I have shared some Articles of mine on other sites such as ‘Matrubharti’, ‘Story Mirror’ and ‘Pratilipi’ etc. where I have been satisfactory enough with thousands of admirers and readers of my Literary work there.

Just to honor requests of some friends, I have published e-books with the Articles of my above blogs in number of 15 as follows and still some material is unpublished with which some three or more books can be published.

My published e-books :

૦૧. હળવા મિજાજે (નિબંધ-લેખ)  :  Pages-132   INR 300/-  USD – 6.00 GBP –  5.00

02. In Changing Moods  (Essay-Article) : Pages- 98  INR 200/-  USD 5.00 GBP 4.00

03. In Light Mood (Essay-Article) : Pages-78 INR 150/-  USD 4.00 GBP 3.00

04. In Thoughtful Mood (Essay-Article) : Pages-105  INR 250/-  USD 6.00 GBP 5.00

૦૫. જળસમાધિ (વાર્તાસંગ્રહ-૧)  : Pages-129 INR 350/-  USD 8.00 GBP 7.00

૦૬. મારી કાન્તા (વાર્તાસંગ્રહ-૨)  :  Pages-136 INR 350/-  USD 8.00 GBP 7.00

૦૭. મમ કવિતડાં (કાવ્ય –હાઈકુ) : Pages-173 INR 400/-  USD 10.00 GBP 8.00

૦૮. પરિવર્તિત મિજાજે  (નિબંધ-લેખ) : Pages-96 INR 200/-  USD 5.00 GBP 4.00

૦૯. પ્રસન્ન મિજાજે  (નિબંધ-લેખ)  :  Pages-75 INR 150/-  USD 3.00 GBP 2.50

૧૦. સમભાવી મિજાજે  (નિબંધ-લેખ) :  Pages-113 INR 250/-  USD 6.00 GBP 5.00

૧૧. વિચારશીલ મિજાજે  (નિબંધ-લેખ) :  Pages-132 INR 300/-  USD 6.00 GBP 5.00

૧૨ વલદાનો વાર્તાવૈભવ (વાર્તાસંગ્રહ-૩)   : Pages-164 INR 400/-  USD 8.00 GBP 7.00

૧૩. વલદાની વાસરિકા (નિબંધ-લેખ)  : Pages-98 INR 250/-  USD 5.00 GBP 4.00

૧૪. કાવ્યાનુવાદન – રસાસ્વાદન (અનુવાદ-રસદર્શન) :  Pages – 141 F.O.C.

૧૫. ગાલિબનું સર્જન-અર્થઘટન-રસદર્શન ભાગ-૧ : Pages–133 INR 500/- USD 10.00 GBP 8.00

(Note : Page Size of ebook is  A-4 and it can almost be doubled in paperback form)

Total Cost of entire Set : Rs.4050/-


Valibhai Musa, 105, Nasir Road, KANODAR- 385 520 (Dist. B.K.)
Email – Valibhai Musa <  Mob. 93279 55577 // 94261 84977 

Clarification :

Above list of books with price is not meant for any commercial purpose. I have linked above books with charity. Any person throughout world donates minimum 10% of Book Price to any Charitable Institution engaged in health and educational activities or Individually any needy person with no any discrimination will get whatever the book/s asked for. Just to send Link of the book/s, I’ll need his/her email Id.  Such receiver of book/s may pass on the said book/s directly to anybody else  with same condition of charity. Now, it is obvious that any such donor would not like to do so to degrade charity made for cause of humanity. But my intention behind my proposal is that I wish to create a chain of donors and make particular persons to be the part of this movement.

Guideline :

(1) No proof of charity done by anybody  is required under good faith.
(2) Receiving email Id and order of book/s themselves are enough.
(3) Any person under chain can forward book/s directly from him/her to anybody else under conditions guided.
(4) If anybody has not any book/s available with him/her, he/she may ask for the same to me and I’ll manage for it.

Concluding, I hope that my good friends will be my co-sharer as suggested above for the cause of humanity.

With warm regards,

Valibhai Musa

P.S. : If anybody already possesses any book/s from above, he is allowed to circulate further under condition of charity.



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