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(373) Best of 5 years ago this month May – 2008 (13)

(373) Best of 5 years ago this month May – 2008 (13)

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Lady with the lantern !

Lose and long on life long

Life and Literature

1st Anniversary of “William’s Tales”

– Valibhai Musa


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3rd Anniversary of “William’s Tales”

These have been three years since the launch of my blog. On this day (5th May) in 2007, I had published my first Post titled as ‘A Happy Home’. It was picked out from the treasure of my past works, some finalized and some roughly drafted ones. I am very happy to see my home town Readers on the list at top locally here and dwelling abroad also in most of the countries of the world. Just for the convenience of those who are not able to read in English, I have translated this Article in our mother tongue Gujarati which is published separately today.

This being the Anniversary post, I am not going to make you bored with any detailed statistical information. In order to honor the requests of my native Readers, this year I have put some Articles translated into Gujarati in number of 45. They have been translated by me from my respective English versions. I am thankful to Mr. Karimbhai Hada, my friend who out of these 45 had translated “Lady with the lantern”. Some glimpses of my third year’s blogging are as follows:
No. of Articles published up to 2nd Anniversary… 100 (Up to 05-05-2009)

No. of Articles added during the 3rd year……….. 072 (Up to 05-05-2010)





                       —–                                                   =====

Grand Total:                                                            172 

My next year’s planning, if God wishes, is either to classify all Gujarati Articles under one category or launch another blog exclusive in Gujarati and shift all those thereat. Some idea is also creeping into my mind to net the e-book/s in various categories. All these depend upon my mood, availability of time and permitting my good health. When I have mentioned my health just, let me tell you frankly that I am living a bonus life as on ensuing 7th July, 2010, I am going to complete my 69 years with the grace of the Almighty Creator of the Worlds and such longevity is generally considered more than enough. I take an opportunity here for asking you, my Readers, to forgive me if any content in part or full might have caused to irritate or hurt your feelings.

Before to conclude, I apologize also from my Readers that for some times, I was compelled to keep my blog under the status of maintenance due to some technical problems caused owing to some apparent or hidden factors. Further, I am sorry for one more inconvenience if felt by my Gujarati Readers that I could not provide facility for writing comments in Gujarati on right side bar of my Home Page. It seems that many Readers are not used to put their comments under the confusion of their inability of presenting them properly and satisfactorily. Just to facilitate you in this regard, I assure you to edit those on your behalf from my end prior to their approval if it is requested so through separate mail to me.

Lastly, I would like to say that I am very much excited seeing the progress of my works that are just for my pleasure with pure hearted intention that my Readers might benefit from my, politely to say, lifelong experiences in various fields of my life. Contents catered here on this platform are all about you, me and us. I won’t hammer any more words to highlight various topics of my blog as they are self explanatory and need not be catalogued any more.

Your co-operation extended to pave the way towards success of my blogging activity by your various possible ways is highly appreciated and I expect your extrasensory encouragements and appreciations in this regard in future also if the qualities of my posts deserve so.

Have a nice day.


– Valibhai Musa

Dtd.: May 05, 2010

P.S.: Some Articles under the categories “Humor” and “’Seldom’ such Posts” both in English and Gujarati are available to read and it is friendly recommended to go through them if missed due to one or the other reason.


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My Comment on a Silicon Blogger’s Post ‘Teasing’

Click here to read in Gujarati

As mentioned in my Second Anniversary Celebration post, I am actively involved with some Professional Web Sites. SiliconIndia is one of those where I have created a blog exclusively on Humor titled as William’s Humor. My network there also gradually increases day by day. If anybody is interested to join SiliconIndia, one has to sign up with Email Id and Password.

Now, I come to the point. Jyoti Sachan, an MBA Student has created her blog as ‘Jyoti on net’ on SiliconIndia. Recently, I happened to read her two Posts on ‘Teasing’ titled as (1) Teasing: A Big Burning Issue (2) Teasing: The Solution. Both have been respectively published on May 29, 2009 & June 3, 2009. I recommend to my Blog Readers to visit Jyoti’s blog and read both the Articles with comments also to acquire knowledge of different opinions of Readers on the issue related to women worldwide.

I have commented the Second Post – “Teasing: The Solution” in my words as follows:

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William’s Tales – 2nd Anniversary with 100 Posts

I feel illimitable pleasure to share my glad tidings with members of my blog family. Today marks the 2nd Anniversary of “William’s Tales” with its score of 100    100th3 posts. Being it a self-propelled blog, I had to work hard, but with no any physical or mental fatigue even at this age of 68. In the length of this period, many friends and strangers have mobilized me and motivated my creative works. List of all those behind my blog is very long indeed, but lack of space forbids me to enumerate all.

With apology of many un-named supporters of mine in this Article, I would like to remember and thank some who have helped me during my 2nd year of blogging. They are: Read the rest of this entry »


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1st Anniversary of “William’s Tales”

Today – May 5, 2008 – is the one-year anniversary of my blog “William’s Tales”. A year ago on this day, I had stepped into this amazing blog-sphere, and started my activity of publishing my Articles. The whole year remained full of wonder and pleasure to me. With the technical support of Munish Musa, my nephew at Canada; I could concentrate fully towards my creative work. Thus, the real credit for the success of this blog goes to him.

It was really very difficult for me to predict the future of my blog. By observing certain etiquettes and protocols of a Blogger and Blogging, I have made the least efforts from my end to promote the viewership of my Blog. Some friends, my Blog referrers and many well-wishers have done their best to bring my Blog to the knowledge of the people worldwide on my behalf. I am at loss of words to thank them for their valuable support in this regard.

Through new dashboard of ‘Wordpress’, I have collected some statistics of my blog which I am thrilled to share with my viewers.

  • Categories – 80 & Tags – 144.
  • Classification of Articles:

    • Short Essays – 15
    • Articles – 21
    • Short Stories – 15
    • Poetry – 7
    • Misc. – 3

Extracts from some Comments:

Troy Morrison says, “I very much enjoyed the way you put it together.” (Character and Reputation)

Ash Dude says, “I have read your blog with interest and would urge you to publish a book as well… (About me)

Arvind Joshi says, “I liked your spread in the sky with imagination of Kanta.” (My better-half, a Gujarati story)

Anisa Musa says, “I hope you willpost more about him (Late Dr. Ali Musa), as I enjoyed reading those two.” (Not All Doctors Money Hungry)

Suzanne Langley says, “I have visited this site on many an occasion, but this post is the 1st one that I have ever commented on.” (A man’s household foes!)

Krishnamoorthy A. N. says, “It is a very interesting and thought provoking. It opened my vistasfor my son who also embarked on commerce stream.” (Power of Determination)

Alex says, “Very nicely put. I completely agree with you on sex selectiveabortionit should be considered as conscious attempt/crime to murder.” (Mercy Killing or Merciful Death – A Debate)

Zohrin says, “This article might bring smile on their face.”(Mercy Killing or Merciful Death –A Debate)

Roohi Payala says, “I totally agree with u, but I can’t understand 1 line we can reach a truth, but we cannot reach the truth. What do u mean by this line?” (Mercy Killing or Merciful Death – A Debate)

I have received some requests from my Readers that some Essays related to character building, human behavior, social life, spirituality, family, education etc. might be translated into Gujarati and re-posted for Gujarati Readers. I, very regretfully and politely, dishonor the request with the only reason that it is a time consuming process and my new creation might be affected adversely. Even though, I have got published two translated Essays (1) Honesty; and (2) Divorce – Legal, but Undesirable, as a guest blogger on “”, a Gujarati web site of my friend Mr. Vijaykumar Shah of Houston (USA). My viewers may visit this site for its rest quality publishing(s) also. In future, as and when it is possible, I’ll try my best to honor the above request; but, I cannot assure firmly.

Last but not the least, I thank you, my Readers around the globe, for visiting my blog, leaving comments, encouraging me by mail and telephone and making my blog more and more flourished day by day. My special thanks to ‘wordpress’ also that has provided me a platform to perform my role as a blogger, reach distant areas of the world through my authorship and have a number of new contacts of the people worldwide. The list of many others who have contributed, in one way or another, to build a very little hut of my small success of “William’s Tales” is fairly lengthy. I thank to all them for their moral support extended to my works and me, open or disguised.

I can be e-mailed at for any communications.

Thanking you, once again

-Valibhai Musa
5th May, 2008


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