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(434) Best of 5 years ago this month July, 2009 (27)

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A Challenge to an Ad World – A Case Study

Customary celebrations of birthdays

-Valibhai Musa


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(417) My quoted Quotes in my Posts (11)

(176) “Crying is the special expression of man.” (Charles Darwin) 

(177) “Crying is a release, a psychological tonic or tranquilizer.” (Arnold H. Glasow)

(178) “A barren woman cannot understand the pains of a woman delivering the child.” (Valibhai Musa)

Crying, a unique expression of passions in human life

(179) “Do not be proud of your achievements, but be humble and thankful to Him (God) and realize that your success was due to His abundant Mercy. [Shiite Imam Ali (a.s.)]

(180) “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” (William Arthur Ward)

(181) “A Thanks Giving is the courtesy, the manner and a good attitude towards gratitude.” (Valibhai Musa)

Expressing Feelings of Honor and Gratitude

(182) “Human Life is such as when we are born, it can be said that we are a God-made man or woman. As we grow up in society and be matured, we become a man-made man or woman; and/but, we can become a self-made man or woman with our inward revolution only.” (Valibhai Musa)

Customary celebrations of birthday

(183) “Man is a social animal.” (Aristotle)

(184) “Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow.” (A Swedish proverb)

(185) “Each person values something: someone desires wealth, another wants beauty; a third longs for honor; but, in my opinion, a good friend is better than all of them.” (Socrates)

(186) “The happiest person is he who associates and befriends the magnificent. [The Holy Prophet of Islam (SAW)]

Friends are our destiny, either ill or good!

(187) ‘Remix is a Cultural Right’. (Lawrence Lessig)

(188) “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I am not sure about the universe!” (Albert Einstein) 

A Humorous Folktale on Stupidity

 – Valibhai Musa 




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(206) પ્રણાલિકાગત જન્મદિવસોની ઊજવણીઓ

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આજે ૭મી જુલાઈ છે અને તે મારો જન્મદિવસ છે. આગળ વધવા પહેલાં સ્પષ્ટતા કરી લઉં કે આ આર્ટિકલ એ મારો અંગત ન રહેતાં સૌ કોઈને લાગુ પડતો સાર્વત્રિક બની રહે તેવો મારો ઈરાદો છે. મારો જન્મદિવસ એ તો માત્ર મારા આજના લેખને લખવા માટેના પ્રોત્સાહનથી વિશેષ કશું જ નથી. ભાષાકીય વ્યાકરણની પરિભાષામાં ‘મારો જન્મદિવસ’ શબ્દોમાં ‘મારો’ એ સંબંધ કે માલિકીવાચક સર્વનામ છે અને ‘જન્મદિવસ’ ના વિશેષણ તરીકે છે. હવે જો ‘મારા’ શબ્દ ઉપર ભાર મૂકીને કહેવામાં આવે તો એવું સમજાય કે આ દિવસ એ માત્ર મારો જ જન્મદિવસ છે, અન્ય કોઈનો નહિ; પરંતુ, એમ સંભવી શકે નહિ, કેમકે આ દિવસ ઉપર એકમાત્ર મારા એકલાનું ધણિયાપું ન હોઈ શકે. હયાત કે સ્વર્ગસ્થ એવા અસંખ્ય માણસો આ દિવસે જન્મ્યા હશે અને ભવિષ્યમાં આ જ દિવસે કેટલાય જન્મશે પણ ખરા.

મારા શીર્ષકનો પહેલો શબ્દ બતાવે છે કે દુનિયા આખીયમાં ઊજવાતા જન્મદિવસો માત્ર પ્રણાલિકાગત જ હોય છે અને તેમનો ઉદ્દેશ પણ ઊજવનારની આર્થિક ક્ષમતા અને સામાજિક મોભાનું પ્રદર્શન કરવાનો જ હોય છે. મિજબાનીઓ અને જન્મદિવસની ઊજવણીઓ વીજળી અને ગાજવીજની જેમ એકબીજા સાથે સંકળાએલી હોય છે. જ્યાં જ્યાં જન્મદિવસની ઊજવણીઓ હોય, ત્યાં ત્યાં મિજબાનીઓ તો હોવાની જ! જન્મદિવસની મિજબાનીઓ ઘરે રાખવામાં આવતી હોય કે મોંઘી હોટલોમાં, પણ તેમાં સ્પષ્ટ ખ્યાલ એ જ હોય છે કે મિત્રો અને કુટુંબીજનો સાથે મળીને બધાંયે ખુશમિજાજથી બસ આનંદ જ લૂંટવો. Read the rest of this entry »


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Customary celebrations of birthdays

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Today is 7th July and it is my birthday. Before proceeding further, I would like to clarify that this Article is intended to be a universal piece of work. My birthday is nothing more than simply the stimulation to the subject of my today’s post. In term of English grammar, the word ‘my’ is a possessive pronoun used as an adjective to the noun ‘birthday’. If stress is put on ‘my’, it will be understood that it is not the birthday of anybody else but only mine. But, it is not so. I am not the sole proprietor of this day. Innumerable people, living or deceased would have born on this day and many will take birth in future also.

Initial word of my title shows that the individual birthdays celebrated throughout the world are customary and are merely as the demonstration or exposition of own financial worthiness and social status. Parties and birthdays are like thunder and lightening connected with each other. Where there are Birthday celebrations, there will be the parties. Birthday party arranged at home or expensive hotel carries the only concept of enjoyment together with the members of the family and friends in a joyous mood. But, it is a matter of worth-thinking whether this traditional celebration has the only goal of eating, drinking-dancing (western culture) and many other -ings. I won’t discourage my Readers as I know that such celebrations in our life have some psychological benefits. Hero of the party feels that he or she is noticed by others and at least for a single day people take care of him or her. Kids feel that they are loved by others. Loneliness, if felt on ordinary days, vanishes on this auspicious day.

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Happiness and Gloomy

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An extract from a Birthday Greeting Letter to my niece residing in States:-

“My dear Child,

Today is your Birth Day. I, on behalf of our rest United Family here in India, pray the Almighty God with the media of the Infallibles to favor you with His mercy and kindness to achieve both worldly and spiritual prosperities in your life.

As you may be aware of the Astronomical truth that the 21st June is the longest day having the shortest night of the year. In literary language, it may be said that the day is the sign of happiness and the darkness of the night shows gloomy. You would have understood what I mean to say. After all, the life is, in real sense, a life when there is the combination of both happiness and gloomy. Being interested in literature, I compare the event in such a way just as the content of this letter. But, as far as our religious doctrines are concerned, we should fulfill our duties with no care of results as the fundamental principle of the religion is ‘ To surrender ourselves to the will of God.’

Summing up, my views and ideas are like an open book and I allow you to communicate to whom-so-ever it may concern, I don’t mind.”

6th June, 1997


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