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My Comment on a Gujarati Poem (વિવેચન)


Find below my comment on a Gujarati Poem “મારા પિતાજી” written by Mr. Vijay Shah (Houston – USA) on “Father’s Day”.

મારા પિતાજી

માન કેટલુંય દઉં તમને મારા પિતાજી!
માવજત કરી ઉછેર્યો મુંને મારા પિતાજી!

મુજ બાળહાસ્યોથી ખીલ્યા મારા પિતાજી!
મુજ સફળતા દેખી કોળ્યા મારા પિતાજી!

કૌટુંબીક ધોરણે પોષ્યો મુંને મારા પિતાજી!
સંસ્કાર અમિથી મુંને સીંચ્યો મારા પિતાજી!

ઉપકારો ક્રોડો ના ઉતરે મારા પિતાજી!
સ્વિકારું તે સૌ રોજ હું મારા પિતાજી!

પ્રાર્થુ પ્રભુને દે સૌ સુખો મારા પિતાજી!
પ્રણમું રોજ સવારે તમને મારા પિતાજી!

આ જીવન દાન મને તમારું મારા પિતાજી!
ભવો ભવ મુજ મસ્તકે હાથ તમારો પિતાજી!

“પિતૃ”દિને એ વાત સ્મરું મારા પિતાજી!
તુજાશિષોથી ઉજળો હું ઓ મારા પિતાજી!

-વિજય શાહ (હ્યુસ્ટન)
(જુન ૮, ૨૦૦૮)

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My Comment on a Short Novel in Gujarati (વિવેચન)

Mr. Vijaykumar Shah of Houston (USA) is my good friend. “What to mention and what not for him is a great question to me.” are my words in my earlier post “William’s Tales – 2nd Anniversary with 100 Posts”. He had invited me as a guest blogger on his blog “વિજયનું ચિંતનજગત” and some translated Articles had been published there. He is very active with a group of Gujarati friends in Houston to serve our Gujarati language and literature.

Mr. Vijaybhai is a renowned Gujarati Writer also. Among his many publications, “Poo. Motabhai” is a Short Novel written in form of letters as an experiment. I had put my comment (criticism) on it. Today, I am pleased to represent it here just to highlight its importance for those who have settled abroad for preservation of own culture.

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My Comment on a Silicon Blogger’s Post ‘Teasing’

Click here to read in Gujarati

As mentioned in my Second Anniversary Celebration post, I am actively involved with some Professional Web Sites. SiliconIndia is one of those where I have created a blog exclusively on Humor titled as William’s Humor. My network there also gradually increases day by day. If anybody is interested to join SiliconIndia, one has to sign up with Email Id and Password.

Now, I come to the point. Jyoti Sachan, an MBA Student has created her blog as ‘Jyoti on net’ on SiliconIndia. Recently, I happened to read her two Posts on ‘Teasing’ titled as (1) Teasing: A Big Burning Issue (2) Teasing: The Solution. Both have been respectively published on May 29, 2009 & June 3, 2009. I recommend to my Blog Readers to visit Jyoti’s blog and read both the Articles with comments also to acquire knowledge of different opinions of Readers on the issue related to women worldwide.

I have commented the Second Post – “Teasing: The Solution” in my words as follows:

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