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Peeping into an Exemplary Social Life of a Local Chief

Days roll in months and years; and, years in decades. It was a hard day of September 06, 1980 for not only village of Kanodar but for the people vajirkaka11of distant areas who knew the Late with his popular name ‘Vajir-kaka’(kaka=uncle). About three decades have passed to demise of Honorable Mr. Vajirbhai Rajabhai Polra (Dawawala), but the deep wounds of his missing in the hearts of the people are not yet healed. I, the author of this post, have been in close contact with him and I have witnessed many more occasions of his life. I have somewhere written in my previous post that I had always been the friend of old hand people at my very young age and I was lucky enough that they all had, in reciprocate, accepted me as their nearest one in spite of much more age differences among us.

I am here with this post on V-kaka with my only aim to pass on the message of the Late’s missionary life to native young generation that has obviously born after 1980 and might not perhaps be knowing who ‘Vajirkaka’ was. When I am setting my finger tips in motion on keyboard of my computer to write something about V-kaka, it does not mean that nobody else has not contributed to build the image of this village of Kanodar and its community. Like V-kaka, they people have also done their great and their services cannot be evaluated accurately and justly even in number of volumes. Every human being is bound to live a double life. Let me clarify here that I have used the word ‘double’, not ‘dual’ in my statement. My learned Readers will easily understand that I am talking about human’s personal and social life. More a person cares for social life rather than personal one, more he or she advances towards greatness and becomes a local, national or global hero.. Read the rest of this entry »


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‘Character’ – a translated poem in Gujarati (ચારિત્ર્ય)

I have read somewhere that it does not matter who says good words, but one should have the only concern with what is being said. Here, I am going to post a Gujarati translation of the poem of a poetess who has been portrayed as a disputed poetess for her some literary work hurting religious feelings of people. She was exiled from her home country and now she has settled elsewhere.

I had been in States in 1994 and there at my friend’s 7-Ten Food Store, I picked up a magazine ‘The New Yorker’ (Volume of Aug. 22 & 29, 1994) from the shelf. While turning over the pages of the Magazine, a poem titled as “Character” drew my attention. It was translated into English from its original version by Carolyne Wright and Farida Sarkar. I had translated the same in Gujarati then.

My Readers may read the English version of the above poem by surfing on I-net. My Gujarati version of the same will follow soon after my preamble is over. Before proceeding on, I would like to clarify why this poem had attracted me. Here is an imaginary scene of a girl walking along the public path.

In my previous post titled as “Character and Reputation”, I had tried to define both these words. Here, there is no room for the repetition of my thoughts; but, in precise, I would tell that a woman having good character has much more importance of her good reputation also. Sometimes, she is victimized of harassment by some Road Romeo type lewd and brutal beasts in public or at work-places. In such critical situation, how her reaction should be has been counseled here in this very short poem.

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The Steady Progress

Click here to read in Gujarati
Once, I had communicated a Congratulation Letter to our next door neighbor’s son for his grand success in his S.S.C. Exam. As per my counseling, he kept on his spirit in further college education also. Now a day, he is settled at
Canada with his best performance in IT career. He did show his steady progress in his studies; but worldwide, there may be so many students who become the victims of ‘Wastage’ and ‘Stagnation’ to say, in Educational Term. After wasting time, money and energy for years, they people obtain nothing. Such Failures may be titled as Shakespeare’s play – Much Ado About Nothing!

Here, I represent some useful Tips from the said letter for those who may wish to benefit from:

(1) The grand success at initial level is not all in all.

(2) One must continue the same struggle and spirit in future also.

(3) Purity of intention and sincerity in action always bring good results.

(4) No doubt, it is said, “The good beginning is half done”; but it is possible that the ‘Half done’ may convert into ‘Undone’ also if the same spirit is not maintained.

(5) In literary words, it is suggested to such Primary Heroes to throw a wet blanket on the present achievement and look forward to new criteria.

Summing up, ‘Transfer of Training’ is a root principle in Psychology. Accordingly, the above Tips can be applied to various fields of life of an Individual. They may concern also to any backward communities, undeveloped societies or even nations if they want the steady progress. The base quality can acquire any shape suitable to necessities.

You know, “Necessity is the mother of invention’, my Dear Readers.

Let us depart, meanwhile…..


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