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This is the negative state of mind. There is nothing new, in my opinion, as such may happen to me, to you or somebody else. The challenging problem of depression, now a days, is increasing in an alarming rate in the world. Today, life is not an easy thing. We cannot live through it without passing through such Psychological problems. I am not a Psychiatrist or a Psychologist; but with my experiences having come through some case studies of my family members (even myself), relatives and friends while counseling them particularly for their above  problem and especially at their Annual, Board or University Examinations; I have reached some findings of solution for the same. Depression may have to be faced  in other cases also such as business loss and alike financial crisis, family problems, mental torture or harassment , ailment, sensitive nature, social and political disturbances, natural and man-made disasters, beloved one’s passing away or migration elsewhere, home-sickness etc..

Minor depression lasts for several hours or days and without any efforts, the victim comes out of it; but the major one is dangerous and there are the possibilities of some unpleasant negative results. The victim feels insecurity and loses interest in living a life. Sometimes the extreme thinking excites the victim to make suicide or run away from home leaving the family behind. The victim gets angry and sometimes becomes aggressive and violent. In some cases, the victim keeps mum and does not share his problem with anybody. Sometimes, he or she weeps silently self pitying, tries to find a corner to hide own self and avoids to meet or associate with others. The victim passes sleepless nights, avoids having food and dislikes any type of entertainment. In brief to say, many abnormal and peculiar behaviors of the victim are observed.

While handling such cases, my general knowledge acquired by insight and reading of some books on Psychology and other social sciences have come forward to help me. I recall my memory to suggest my Readers if anybody is interested in to go through a book for further knowledge in this regard. I don’t remember the title (name) of the book as it was referred by me in long past year of 1969 or 1970. The book was on Psychology and was jointly written by some ‘Crow’ last named authors.

Introspective approach is one of its kinds to come out from depression. This method is just like the self-counseling. The victim himself or herself may try this approach.  I draw my Readers’ kind attention towards a picture of ‘Self made man’ in my previous Article “Soul – Its nourishment” just to think over to understand this”Self served method”.

Before I go further to make clear this introspective approach, let me show you some limitations of it.  Firstly, this practice can be tackled by intellectual persons very well, effectively and efficiently; even though any common person also may get result with some efforts. Secondly, this method is somewhat difficult due to its only reason that the victim has to play two rolls at a time; one, we may call it as patient or victim and other the expert or curer. At the first stage the victim itself becomes familiar with own behavioral changes and mental state. Following to it, he or she intends to be normal.  My good Readers, now you can understand what two rolls are to be performed at a time. This task is tough as it is not like those actors playing double or multiple rolls on a stage or in a movie. It is rather difficult to make water tight compartments of the mind. One part of the mind has to observe the problem and other part has to show remedies for the cure. Both the rolls are difficult to be played in the sense that there are the chances of amalgamation and/or contrasts and/or absence of either side of ideas. For example, if we try to watch darkness with light, the darkness will disappear. Same way, when one thinks of the remedies of the problem, the effect of the problem will disappear.

My Readers, you will excuse me for I have kept you engaged for a long time in my above text. But, the background of my aim of this article was necessary to be brought before you. Now onward, I’ll straightway lead you to the guideline for how one can come out of depression with one’s own efforts and self-support and also without any professional help.

Firstly, the victim should create strong desire within itself to recover from this mental state. This is rather difficult as I said previously because on one hand the victim is suffering from the problem and how this desire can be created in himself or herself with broken heart. Just for this very first stage, an external but practical technique may be useful and it is that one should look into the mirror with an own photograph of smiling face in hand and try to compare both the faces. If photograph is not available, one may simply see into the mirror and observe the face accurately. The mirror can’t tell a lie and as a result one will be ashamed of seeing own pale and orphan-like face. This technique will motivate the victim to enter the process. Now, the victim may start to think positively and command or instruct one’s inner soul with some arguments and hints. This practice may be verbal or merely by bringing thoughts into own mind.

Such questions, hints or commands as samples are as follows:

(1)You have to come out of darkness of despair any how. (2) You have not to give in, you have not to drown yourself into depression; but have to create strength to face the problem. (3) This situation is not to last any longer and it will pass away like in a dream. (4) The clouds of despair will pass away and your life will be as clear as the sky becomes. (5) This is simply your mental illness and you will be cured by yourself. (6) You have to throw away all your anxieties and come out of nervous breakdown.  (7) Your present situation is just like the darkness before dawn. (8) Don’t turn your back to light as seeing towards darkness only is the job of the foolish. (9) Come on, no any wise one has ever died in such circumstances. (10) You are not the only fellow in the universe who would have to pass through such situation. (11) Many others like you would have solved their such problems and why you can’t. (12) Your many factors are favorable to you rather than those like you and thank God for that. (13) You only are not the sole proprietor of your life as many others in your family and outsiders also possess the right on your life. (14) You have no right to leave them on their fate as they are not responsible for what it has happened to you. (15) Be brave and fight like a soldier in the battlefield.

Over and above the struggle with self as stated above, some more tips are suggested to divert mind and de-link the chain of thoughts as follows and they are like : – (1) To go for a walk into the nature or visit a garden. (2) To associate with children (3) To pass time with tame animals (4) To make gardening (5) To visit a hospital. (6) To meditate or visit own religious place. (7) To share the problem with spouse or friends (8) To re-arrange own cupboard, working table or household furniture (9) To weep or laugh loudly alone (not publicly !) (10) To entertain mind through any favorite mean (11) To read newspapers, magazines or visit a library (12) To take deep breath or do exercise

Before summing up my Article, I would like to make it clear that in excessive serious cases, the victim or care-takers should not hesitate to take any professional help and that also in time in order to avoid any unpleasant outcomes. We should remember that tomorrow is yet another day. Depression should be taken as the part of the mood and the mood is simply a state of mind. Supportive approach with self is surely a result oriented process provided that it is practiced efficiently.

I conclude my Article here with a quotation of Socrates in this regard. He quotes, “Remember that there is nothing stable in human affairs; therefore avoid undue elation in prosperity or undue depression in adversity”.

That’s all, my friends

With regards,
– Valibhai Musa
10th October, 2007

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