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Salutes to Mrs. & Mr. Francis Desouza

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My earlier Article “Mercy killing or merciful death – A debate” has reached at top rank with its above 1400 hits by crossing over “Power of Determination”. Out of 10 commentators of the Article, my son – Akbarali who is a director of our ‘Hotel Safar Inn’ at Ahmedabad has inspired me for this Article. Mr. Francis is our General Manager, a very enthusiastic and honest guy. We all treat him, not as our employee but, as our family member.

In the concluding part of my above referred Article, I had appreciated all those parents’ worldwide living or deceased who might have preferred to let their helpless children take birth in spite of the medical advice of opting abortions for the genuine reason of lacking quality life of the child in mother’s womb. Those people have accepted the challenge to fight against the destiny of the children as well as their own families. They have spent a lot of money, either their own or borrowed, for the repeated as well as costly Plastic and reconstructive surgeries of their babies.

Mrs. and Mr. Francis are one of those parents whom I specially salute in this Article for their constant struggle in care of Neil, their beloved son, since his birth by ignoring the optional way of going for abortion at the time then. My high honor is especially to Mrs. Francis who allowed her child to take birth to breathe fresh air of the world in spite of having been detected with its cleft lip and palate through prenatal ultrasound tests.

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