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ટાઈમપાસ તરંગી પ્રશ્નોત્તરી

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પ્રશ્નો એ જ્ઞાનપ્રાપ્તિની ચાવી સમાન છે. ઘણા વૈજ્ઞાનિકોએ તેમના મગજમાં ઉદભવેલા પ્રશ્નોની પ્રેરણા વડે જ અવનવી શોધો કરી છે; ઉદાહરણ તરીકે આઈઝેક ન્યુટન અને સફરજન. તત્વચિંતકોએ પ્રશ્નોના સહારે જ આધ્યાત્મિક રહસ્યોને જાણ્યાં છે. વિદ્યાર્થીઓ પ્રશ્નોથી જ જ્ઞાન મેળવે છે અને પ્રશ્નોથી જ તેમની પરીક્ષાઓ પણ લેવાય છે. શું, ક્યારે, કેવી રીતે, શા માટે, ક્યાં, કોણ, કેટલા એવા શબ્દોથી પ્રશ્નો શરૂ થતા હોય છે. આવા પ્રશ્નોના ઉત્તરો ‘હા-ના’ થી માંડીને વાક્યો, ફકરાઓ, પ્રકરણો અને ગ્રંથરચના સુધીની મર્યાદામાં આપવામાં આવતા હોય છે.

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Time-pass Crazy Q&A

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Questions are the keys of knowledge. Questions struck in minds have initiated many scientists to make inventions; for example, Isaac Newton and an apple. Philosophers have been able to answer many spiritual mysteries through questions. Students learn with questions and are tested also by questions in their examinations. What, when, how, why, where, who, how many are interrogative words put before questions. The answers of all these questions might be in single words from like’ yes’ or ‘no’ to sentences, paragraphs, chapters and even in volumes.

My today’s post is as my attempt to entertain you with some humor to refresh your minds and to establish that silly questions and their crazy answers have their own vital importance in human behaviors. I have come across such crazy questions by surfing on I-net, but here you will find some easy/silly questions with their crazy answers solely thought out by myself. In brief to say, they are not the recycling of any authors’ assets. Enjoy, my good Readers, and try to create such sets yourselves. I would like to read at least one such set of Q&A in the comment box by at least any one of my Readers just to break my suspicion of ability of mine only in this regard!

Q. What is the function of the nose?

A. To give support to spectacles!

Q. Why the fingers of a human hand are in number of five?

A. They are not in number of other than five, therefore they are five.

Q. What is the first, a hen or an egg?

A. Money of the buyer of a hen or an egg is the first.

Q. Have you missed any step of your stair and have stumbled down?

A. No, not a single! I have touched all the steps while stumbling down.

Q. Why is the earth round?

A. It has to take rounds to the sun and rounds on its axis also.

Q. How will you distinguish powders of salt and sugar?

A. By making tea or coffee using any one and see how it tastes.

Q. What will you do when you find that your lighter is not working to light your cigarette?

A.  I’ll purchase a match box to light my lighter to light my cigarette.

Q. From where the mall owners have learnt to advertise ‘Buy one, get one free’?

A. From the farmers! They sell their cows or buffalos with their young ones free of cost.

Q. Why do the waiters not strike wooden hammers on the dining tables at Restaurants and say ‘order’ ‘order’?

A. Because they are sitting in order, reading menus silently and consulting

with their companions in whispering voice what to order.

Q. Why do truck owners write ‘Horn please’ behind their vehicles?

A. To ask the followers to taste their horns whether they work.

Q. Why the sign ‘School – Drive slow’ is found near schools?

A. It may be to avoid accidents. But, teachers drive the school slow to catch the tuitions!

Q. Is it true to say that nothing is impossible in the world?

A. Wrong! Nobody can refill the paste manually once pressed out from the tube.

Q. Why ‘Silence please’ in hospitals is being written on walls?

A. But, they ignore the new born babies crying in maternity wards.

Q. Which is the bogus set of Q&A out of above 13?

A. Better to ask me which is not!!!

Summing up, I hope that you will agree with the answer of my last question with no any fear of breach of any protocol between a Blogger and a Reader! How nice to recognize and accept own limitations!

Have a good day or night whichever you are passing through!

– Valibhai Musa


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