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My Haikus – II (મારાં હાઈકુ – ૨)

My Haikus – II (મારાં હાઈકુ – ૨)

In continuation to my Previous blog “My Haikus-I”, find below some more Hykooz of mine. But, prior to that, I would like to represent some Hykooz of other poets in English and other languages (English Script) for your knowledge and just to compare those with Gujarati Haikus. When we come to the inner soul of the Haiku, we should not overlook its prime condition that the creation must be meaningful rather than be it an absurd one. The real charm of the Haiku lies in its presentationin a way that it should be somewhat compact and the Reader should have to go slight deep into its essence to enjoy. In briefto say, as soon as the effort of the Haiku-writer is over, the real workof the Reader begins. Well, let us pause here and go to the following illustrations:-

From Charles Nethaway’s source, a romantic Haiku (English) is as:

“Waterfall at night,
her long

Now, see one more a Japanese Haiku (unknown author): “Hatsu shigure saru mo komino wo hoshige nari”, means:

“The first cold shower
even the monkey seems
to want
a little coat of straw.”

Read more; yet by Nicholas Virgillo – a wonderful piece of work as:

out of the water
out of itself.”

All right, my Readers; now, go further to some of my more Gujarati Haikus as follows:-

ઈંઢોણી માથે
, તદ માથે
સ્ફટિક હાથ !

મંદ હાસ્ય,
મંદ એસિડ રેડે
તતડે ઉર !

સ્થિર પાદ
,લાગી શું
વેક્યુમ બ્રેક
? (19)

લોકમર્યાદા –
પિંજર રૂંધે અવ
ઉડ્ડયનને !

 વિષકન્યા થૈ,
વણસ્પર્શે જ વ્યાપી
તું નસનસે !

ના અભણ તું !
થૈ લહિયો લખતો
, પ્રેમપત્ર ! (22)

થઈ ફ્લૅશગન તું
આંજે મુજને !

નજર ચૂમું,
થવું પરિતૃપ્ત
, હા,
જિસ્મ તો ખ્વાબ !

ગાલે હથેલી,
મસ્ત અતીત ખ્યાલે
કે દાઢ કળે
? (25)

ફેંકે દૃષ્ટિશર
, ને
દિલ ઘાયલ !

Thanks, see you again!

– Valibhai Musa
7th November, 2007

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