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Customary celebrations of birthdays

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Today is 7th July and it is my birthday. Before proceeding further, I would like to clarify that this Article is intended to be a universal piece of work. My birthday is nothing more than simply the stimulation to the subject of my today’s post. In term of English grammar, the word ‘my’ is a possessive pronoun used as an adjective to the noun ‘birthday’. If stress is put on ‘my’, it will be understood that it is not the birthday of anybody else but only mine. But, it is not so. I am not the sole proprietor of this day. Innumerable people, living or deceased would have born on this day and many will take birth in future also.

Initial word of my title shows that the individual birthdays celebrated throughout the world are customary and are merely as the demonstration or exposition of own financial worthiness and social status. Parties and birthdays are like thunder and lightening connected with each other. Where there are Birthday celebrations, there will be the parties. Birthday party arranged at home or expensive hotel carries the only concept of enjoyment together with the members of the family and friends in a joyous mood. But, it is a matter of worth-thinking whether this traditional celebration has the only goal of eating, drinking-dancing (western culture) and many other -ings. I won’t discourage my Readers as I know that such celebrations in our life have some psychological benefits. Hero of the party feels that he or she is noticed by others and at least for a single day people take care of him or her. Kids feel that they are loved by others. Loneliness, if felt on ordinary days, vanishes on this auspicious day.

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