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Much Ado for Nothing – A Fable

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There is a Saying in Gujarati as “Who can tell a tiger that its mouth smells bad all the times?” The following is a fable thought by me based on the above Saying with no any idea of mine to point out any moral lesson at the end as it is already self-explanatory in the title of this post. Now, proceed on to read:

“Once there was an assembly of animals, birds and insects in a jungle. Due to one or the other reason, none of the lions and tigers could attend the gathering. By taking the chance of their absence, the rest participants present there started to criticize them for their drawbacks. They mainly commented that their mouths smelt badly all the times. The streams are always flowing in the mountains, but they never care to wash their mouths and wander with stains of blood on their mouths and having fibers of flesh in their teeth unpicked.

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