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Who is really insane? – ‘Seldom’ such Posts (3)

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Today, I am here with my sequential Article as titled above under ‘Seldom’ such Posts series. Here, in this category, you will find some specialty topics which I consider to be most essentially attended to by my Readers. As my regular Readers know it very well that whatever I publish here on my blog is always worth-reading and nothing is special or ordinary; but, just to emphasize the particular Article, I categorize the same so.

Before stepping into the topic, I would like to narrate an episode witnessed by Honorable Mohammad, the Prophet of Islam (p.b.u.h.). Once he was passing through the streets of Medina, the Capital city of Saudi Arabia then. A crowd had gathered in the market place and in the heart of the crowd, an insane person was doing some mocking (jesting) actions. People were attracted with the scene and they enjoyed and laughed at him. The Prophet (p.b.u.h.) called them and told them “Do you want to introduce you the real mad man?” All were silent and listening to him attentively and respectfully. He said, “A person who walks conceitedly (proudly), and he continually looks around himself. He moves his sides along with his shoulders (He sees no one but himself and thinks about no one save himself.). A person from whom people expect no goodness and a person from whose mischief people are not safe. This is the real mad man. The person whom you saw is a patient, a patient of mental illness.”

crazy_paul1Now, keeping in my mind the above episode, I’ll try my level best to answer the question put in the title as “Who is really insane?” in my own words with some more comparative instances. Insane is not he or she whose mouth leaks with saliva or spittle, but he or she whose mouth always vomits vulgar words, speaks ill of others, expresses back-biting and exchanges abuses. Insane is not he or she whose clothes are torn and dirty as the said person is unable to maintain them decently, but those are really mad persons who are well dressed looking like gentleman or gentle-lady, but whose characters are rated in the third degree of comparison i.e. the worst in the eyes of the society and also in knowledge of the Almighty Creator.

Further to say, the person with crossed eyes and stretched facial muscles is not a mad man. He or she is merely a patient, but real mad people are those whose eyes are always red with anger and hatred of others, twinkling with greed of gathering money by hook or crook and lustful for illegal and immoral sexual entertainment. The former narrated with their peculiarities are the patients and the latter are insane in real sense though he or she may be a master of sharp intellect, possessing unlimited wealth, having sound mental and physical health, occupying so-called honorable position in society or considering themselves powerful politicians.

It is the general tendency of those mentally handicapped people that they never acknowledge them being insane, but instead of that they think that the people of the whole world are insane save themselves. Similarly, the real insane people being discussed here are in delusion of their minds that whatever they do is as a result of their smartness. With their over-confidence and superiority complex, they believe that they are making fool of others and nobody is capable to mark their trickeries. But, they do not know that they are cheating to themselves because the sane people and the God Himself better know what they really are. Here below, I would catalogue some insane groups of people who have knowingly or unknowingly accepted that they are mad, but they like to remain mad with their false and defensive arguments of being practical in routine life.

These groups are such as millions of High School students and their parents worldwide and particularly in India who have gone mad knowingly. All know that their Teachers are paid handsome salaries for their duties to teach them honestly in the institutions. But, what we see is that those insane people defined here are making lots of money through private tuitions and applying also tax-evasion or tax-avoidance practices. If we count all those persons (students, parents, managements and Governments) involved in this open scandal, the size of the population of such people world-wide would be more than1/3rd. Other group of voters and politicians of democratic nations may randomly cover 2/3rd of world population where we can see not only monetary corruption but some ethical corruptions also which cannot be made at par with any huge amount of currency and they are disturbance, destruction, deviation and transgression.

One more group of youngsters who are in ratio of about 30% in the world may perhaps go astray and turn out to be insane in our special definition of insanity in this Article if they are not protected from the popular culture spreading speedily. Grip of elders upon them is becoming loose day by day and it will not be a wonder if they rebel against them and so called modern culture already stands there waiting to embrace them stretching its arms open. Entertainment media has been aggressive to increase TRP rating of their programs by catering vulgarity round the clock just to make money from costly Ads by spoiling culture of youths and teen-agers. Degradation of their culture is being tolerated by their guardians (to say all from parents to politicians) and thus their irresponsible attitude is fully responsible to damage the peace and order of the society.

iddi-amin-2Just before winding up the post, I would like to say that history has witnessed many cruel rulers who have utterly ruined their nations or kingdoms with their insanity termed here. Their evil ruling has caused to lead the people down to ever darker and lower levels of hell on earth. If my fairly sane Readers, randomly, presume the number of those mentally handicapped people (patients) world-wide and compare their proportion with those so called sane people, they will find that the former are negligible in counting. But, there is no scarcity of such so called sane but as a fact insane people at any place in the world and at any time also.

My good Readers will agree with me that those poor patients of mental illness never do any harm to anybody in the society. On the other hand, we see that those insane in disguise have done all round damages to society in little or more proportion. The real difference between people to people is not sanity or insanity, but more or less insanity. Psychologists and Sociologists have found out through researches that any individual is always insane little or more and occasionally this insanity comes out and leads him or her to such unfair behavior and action which become the cause of repentance for the whole life. If such wrong action damages himself or herself, it is all right; but, sometimes the related person/s and society have to suffer the consequences of the same. A notable quote of Friedrich Nietzsche is as “Insanity in individuals is something rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs it is the rule.” Terrorism and some other forms of massacre such as racist attacks, confessional hatred and so-called ethnic cleansing are the forms of mass insanity. These are the man-made disasters where there is nothing but utter ruin of human lives. They are such as wild fire in the forest where dry and green trees burn to ashes together and it becomes very difficult to let the fire cool down.

We have to take stock of ourselves whether, knowingly or unknowingly, we are the part of such destructive activities with our silence insanity. A very witty quote of Rita Mae Brown will justify what has been said just. It is as “The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four persons is suffering from mental illness. Think of your three best friends and if they are okay, then the fourth that remains is you.”

Summing up, the sanity of individual’s mind makes the good health of his body. Similarly, the healthy mind can dwell peacefully in a healthy body. Healthy minds and bodies of the citizens can establish peace and order in the places where they live. Civilized civilians are like beams in a house or bones in a body that can make own nation strong, healthy and prosperous. Lastly, I quote Lord Byron with his brief text as “Hatred is the insanity of the heart’. Madness of heart is more dangerous than the madness of brain.

Hopefully, this post may be evaluated as fitting to my category of ‘Seldom’ such Posts and be commented fairly by my Readers.


– Valibhai Musa

Note: (p.b.u.h.) means “Praise be upon him”


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A Grave Note on Shoe-missiles! – ‘Seldom’ such Posts (2)

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Records of ancient civilizations indicate many references to shoes. Plenty of evidences are there to prove how and why our primitive ancestors had started using modern shoe-like optional means such as wrapping larger and thicker leaves and skins of dead animals to bottom of their feet and also using wooden sandals for protection from pointed stones, thorns, mud and burning sands while roaming in search of food and shelter.




Utility of shoes has recently progressed excessively and its use as a weapon (missile) and sign of protest has started! An Iraqi journalist named Muntazer al-Zaidi hurled his shoes all of a sudden at US President Mr. George W. Bush during a Joint Press Conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Mr. Nouri al-Maliki at Baghdad on December 08, 2008 and subsequently on February 03, 2009 a protester(whose name could not be traced out) also hurled abuse and then a shoe at China’s Premier Mr. Wen Jiabao at Cambridge University (U.K.).

Above two episodes excited the people of the world with controversial feelings of both fun and disliking. Most of them have enjoyed much with their bias towards victimized fellows and their foreign policies. But a very few have condemned the events on disciplinary arguments that a guest should not be insulted with such a rude behavior.

My attempt here is to analyze and discuss some root causes of both the unfair happenings in a condensed way. Before I proceed on, I would like to quote below the utterances of both so-called heroes while hurling shoes to their targets just to understand how and why they re-acted so in public.

While throwing shoes one after another to Mr. Bush who was the most powerful politician in the world and responsible for imposing two wars on the world, Zaidi had said, “This is a goodbye kiss from the Iraqi people, d**! This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq”. Mr. Bush was talking about an American security agreement and a strategy framework agreement between two countries. And, a Protester (most probably a Tibetan and/or an activist of Human Rights) against the Chinese Premier while throwing his one shoe towards stage of auditorium had addressed him as a ‘dictator’ and shouted loudly in fit of anger, ‘How can this university prostitute itself with this dictator and how can you listen to him unchallenged?’ Mr. Wen was delivering a speech on the global economy.

It cannot be negated that there were some political mistakes from the part of big-headed countries. Mr. Bush had many times accepted his blunder of attacking Iraq. Anti-war group ‘Code Pink’ which is mainly lead by women had arranged demonstration outside the White House in support of Zaidi’s action that he had expressed the sentiments of millions of people who are angry at George Bush’s policies. The protestors threw shoes at a large puppet looking like Mr. Bush turn by turn for hours and the U.S. Secret Service stood by during the protest; however there were no conflicts with authorities and no arrests were made. Similarly, Mr. Wen Jiabao was on a five nation ‘Confidence Tour’ to Europe and at his last stop in U.K. for three days the protestors followed him to demonstrate over human rights and Chinese policy in Tibet.

My good Readers should not misunderstand that the non-disciplinary actions of Mr. Zaidi in Iraq and the Protestor at Cambridge are justified or approved in this Article. It is true that any citizen of any country should not treat a guest rudely and in an insulting manner. Such misbehaviors become as the shame to a Host country and its security system. It is the responsibility of a host country to protect the guest both physically and mentally.

Protestors may adopt many non-violent measures such as tying black ribbons on arms, waving black flags, holding posters or banners in hands and uttering slogans in civilized manner. Same way, Media people and News Reporters must observe the ethics of Journalism. They may ask questions politely with consent of stage management, but they should not behave in such a manner that they might not like happen so with own Heads or delegates of their country elsewhere.

Above two episodes of shoe-hurling teach many lessons to the nations of the world. Any nation should not interfere into the domestic (internal) problems of other countries. Sovereignty is the soul of any nation and in any circumstances, any other country, individually or jointly, has no right to challenge it. UN proved to be weak in preventing wars due to the only reason that its status remained like a puppet against harsh behaviors of super-power nations. It is the right time now to change the entire constitution of UN with the prime change of cutting off the Veto Power specially favored to super power nations.

In both Afghanistan and Iraq wars, millions of civilians were killed which was totally against humanity and also the breach of Geneva International treaties on the laws of war. Oil wells were set to fire with the aim of weakening economy of respective countries ignoring the value of natural resources useful to mankind. Agricultural land was made barren with tons of massive bombardment. Many historical and religious properties were damaged. Most horrified matter was that the national integrity of those unfortunate countries was harmed and the people were divided in sects and groups with unfair diplomatic incitements to one or the other group or sect.

Now, turning to Tibetan issue, we can see that China considers Tibet as part of its territory and Tibetans demand full autonomy. Tibet’s struggle is spread over last 50 years and during this period its people have suffered a lot. Tibetans are afraid of losing their identity under the Chinese Rule. They people think that their culture and rich religious heritage cannot remain safe under China. On the other hand, it is the naked truth that the daily violence carried out by Chinese authorities is very common in Tibet. Constant violations of human rights are ignored by UN and the rest world.

Breach of Human Rights, either affecting to a mass or an individual, should always be criticized. How sad it is that Zaidi, in spite of being a citizen of Iraq, is badly treated during and after his arrest by Iraqi Government itself. Some authentic sources have brought the truth open that when Zaidi was arrested and being taken to jail, he was subjected to violence throughout the car journey. His ribs have been broken and his left eye was hit with a gun. It is reported that he is passing through the risk of losing his eye sight for ever.

No doubt, violation of a public order and law is a punishable crime, but the arrested person is simply a detainee until charged with a specific crime. Brutality towards a detainee, an under-trial or even the convict is the violation of Human Rights. Now, the question – “Who will punish those officers?” will remain un-answered until we hear of any actions taken by Iraqi Government.

Summing up, it is possible that the shoes thrown at Mr. Bush and Mr. Wen may give a lesson to all those rulers who are cruel and have dictatorial attitude.

-Valibhai Musa



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A thoughtful thought! – ‘Seldom’ such Posts (1)

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Some years ago, I had read in some Gujarati News Paper the news that an International Conference on ‘Attitudes of Parents towards Childhood Disciplinary Behaviors’ was held at Istanbul (Turkey). One of the participants in debate had suggested that the children should not be physically punished but instead of that the pillows should be thrashed with fists or sticks in fit of anger. My Readers will smile gently as I also do, but there is a portion of little bit truth in the suggestion. It is a middle way between expressing anger and protecting child-respect. Remedy is interesting, but foolish also. The naughty child will show its teeth with smile when we hit to the pillow as punishment.



My pondering over above suggestion inspires me to modify it in a way that instead of punishing the pillow in lieu of the child, we should hit the pillow to the child provided it should be soft to avoid any injury. Parents will be satisfied and the child will think that it has been punished. Thus, the pillow will work as a non-violent weapon like Mahatma Gandhi’s practice of ‘Satyagraha’, a non-violent weapon. Shouldn’t Educational Institutions also provide pillows to the teachers for punishment to the pupils along with educational equipments? There is no need of any special provision for parents as the pillows are always available at their hand-reach in their households.

Though pillow-hurling is a light, safe, non-violent and effective punishment, we cannot deny the fact that there is a tender hardness and disguise bitter feeling of hatred in it. Psychologists of education and parenthood will not approve this method and thus there remains only one option of ‘Forgive and forget’. In Sanskrit, there is a slogan as “Forgiveness is the ornament of the brave.” But, such tendency is not possible for a common man and therefore they may implement direct or indirect pillow-hitting or pillow-hurling punishment to the children.

Now, my mobile thinking enters the world of corrupt politicians and dishonest bureaucrats spread over world-wide in little or more proportion. I see no any difference among innocent playful children, those politics-playing politicians and termite (white ants)-like Government servants boring holes within country’s economic progress. They also do some blunders (Passive violence) like misappropriation of money, mismanagement in administrative system and hundreds of non-ethical practices repeatedly like those children. But, we should not put any blame upon them as they themselves are not responsible as persons for their unfair acts. All blames should go to their chairs; and if we wish to punish them, we should break the legs of their chairs instead of their own legs. Their chairs are the root causes of their intoxicated state of power.

While proceeding further, I recall my memory of having read some Articles on ‘Co-ordination of Science and Philosophy’. In light of scientific definition, the pillows and chairs are inanimate objects; but children and politicians as well as bureaucrats are sentient humans. Parents and public should be careful to honor the feelings of both children and band of those poor rogues. They should be given indirect punishments as thrashing pillows or breaking chairs. Here, like self-proved geometrical theorem, if we have to give any priority for punishment, we should prefer first inanimate rather than sentient.

At this juncture, one more sub-question arises. While giving preference between inanimate and sentient, if we find both inanimate, what should we do then? In case of a politician or bureaucrat and the chair, it is obvious that chair is inanimate; but suppose that if the politician or bureaucrat is also inanimate, then what to do! In my opinion, the answer of the question is quite straight. We should judge who is more inanimate whether the chair or its user and we should punish accordingly. In botanical science, the plant of cotton and a tree are considered as sentient as long as they are live. But, as soon as they get dry, they become inanimate. Logical argument will be as a sentient will turn into an inanimate when it loses its life or sensation. Those cheats, by adopting the skin and tears of a crocodile, have lost their sensation and therefore they are liable to be punished directly.

For honest governance of a nation, the top-level cleanliness is necessary. Gandhiji’s one of the movements was cleanliness in streets as the part of hygienic care of people. A nation can be economically healthy only when its politics is clean. Just to remove political pollution in our country of India, the provision of Clause 49-0 of Election Rules must be made effective with some amendments. The voter must have the right of ‘No vote to any candidate’ in case of not a single candidate is found deserving. For this very purpose, the Election Commission should provide an extra box for ‘No Vote’ in Ballot Paper. It is very interesting to know that if number of ‘No Vote’ is higher than number of winning candidate, the Election of the respective constituency will be null and void. Further, in Re-polling situation, none of the former candidates can be participant for the second time. Thus, all Political Parties also can be taught a good lesson for issuing tickets to only deserving persons for candidateship to contest elections. Thus, the honest State and Central Governments would be able to clean up the Bureaucratic, Corporate and all types of civic dirt by making the Anti Corruption Bureau more active and Judiciary system quick.

Summing up, I have pleasure to announce that I have started a new series of Articles titled as – ‘Seldom’ such Posts. Above is the very first post of its kind; and, I’ll publish such in future, not regularly but seldom as and when my mood hits me.

A line in response to my endeavor of putting my thoughts in this post will highly be appreciated.

With best regards,

– Valibhai Musa


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