Paying Respect to the Late Mr.’Sufi’

20 Jul

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Some of my Readers inquired of non-appearance of any Articles on my blog since
June 12, 2008. Being these days very busy in my business, I was silent in my blogging activity for some time. A friend of mine mailed me in hesitating words whether I am o.k. by health. The hidden tone of mail was to know whether I am alive. With the grace of God, I am here but ‘somebody’ is there in proximity of the Almighty Creator. The angel of death might have mistaken and in my place (because I am a high B.P. patient), our dearest personality – Honorable Mohmadali Parmar ‘Sufi’ – has been lifted from this mortal world to endless unseen world. A shining star named ‘Sufi’ crumbled down from the sky of the planet of blogging.

A devoted group of Gujarati bloggers, led by Mr. Vijaykumar Shah and his many other friends, is very active in Houston (USA) serving Gujarati language, its literature and its community. Mr. Sufi was one of them, a popular figure known to all, dear to all as an old hand man of 85 and the noblest of the nobles. His blog in Gujarati was titled as “Adhyatmik Kavyo’ i.e. Spiritual (Mystical) poems. My Readers may visit his blog – (which is still live, but alas! Mr. ‘Sufi’ is not alive) for the detailed information of his creations as well as his life.

My Readers will be surprised to know that the Late Janab Mohmadali Parmar and I happened to know each other only before three months to his demise through our blogging and a very little communication by e-mails. My photograph was already there on my home page and he would have seen me, but it was my hard luck that I could see his face only when his son – Mr. Siraj announced the Late’s celebration of life arranged at Houston with his photograph. A proverbial slogan is very popular that a man is known by the company he keeps. In case of our relationship, I could know him through his poetry. Now, it would be appropriate if I say that a poet is known by the poetry he writes.

While mentioning our brief acquaintance, I remember a poem written by the renowned poet Ben Johnson on comparison of a tree of oak and a flower of lily. Oak lives for about 300 years, but life of a lily is hardly a day. The central idea of the poem is that how long we live does not matter, but how well we live is important. Here, it is the matter of proud for everybody who knows Mr. Sufi that he lived long and at the same time well also. In brief to say that his life can be measured by both years and good deeds.

When we refer his introductory and disclaimer page on his blog, we can see that he was really a ‘Sufi’ saint of the time. His words written in Gujarati are meant as “My poems are spiritual. They are aimed to the welfare of the people, to prevent them from falling down morally and to create the feelings of universal brotherhood into their minds and hearts.” He further explains that all the religions of the world are just like ladders to reach perfection. By the way, it is the matter of worth mention that I had put a comment of support for his some lines in my words as “Silence of good people encourages evil indirectly.” To be good is not enough. Good people should encourage others also to be good.

Summing up, let us pray to the Almighty God to rest the Late’s departed soul among those who enjoy the mercy and pleasure of Him.

With deep affections,

-Valibhai Musa
July 20, 2008


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6 responses to “Paying Respect to the Late Mr.’Sufi’


    July 20, 2008 at 4:34 pm

    dear valibhai,
    i had never thought of or even dreamt of what you mentioned i as your disciple and well wisher enjoying your blogs and suddenly for quite long time it disappeared so i inquired about your health i pray God to give you long life to give some creative work.
    about word “sufi” i want to put something as you know pretty well hindus have a sect of bhakti who believes in loving god in the manner he likes and if a true love is created then god also appears to him in the same way as he loved god. somebody a saint has commented sufi is the same as bhakta who thinks of god everywhere and his affectionate character makes him something special he loves everything created by god. i pray god to accept one of his affectionate MR. MOHMADALI PARMAR is braced with the same love and affection he expressed during his life.



  2. Sajjad Parmar

    July 22, 2008 at 5:13 am

    Dear ValiBhai,

    I want to sincerely thank you for paying respect to my grandfather Mr Mohammad Ali Parmar. I am deeply touched by your words and the respect you have showered upon my grandfather. Indeed he lived for 85 years and not only lived long according to the norms of this world but lived well. Allah swt has been infinitely kind on him and on my family. I feel very honored to be a part of him and hope that in the journey called life i can try and be like him as much as i can. Thank you once again for your kindess. May Allah shower his infinite blessings upon you and your family and may He bring all your wishes and prayers to life. Ameen.

    Kind Regards
    Sajjad Parmar


  3. Sibte Abbas

    July 24, 2008 at 5:14 pm

    Dear Valibhai,
    I was reading through my father’s poems ‘Adhyatmic Kavyo’, when I found your comments. Thank you so much for your kind words. My father Mohammad Ali Parmar lived a life of a Sufi. He taught me that loving every creation of God and doing everything possible to help others is real ibadut (bhakti). In spite of his old age he would not let me wash dishing after dinner. Through out his life he praised God by saying; “Teri zaat paak hai ay Khuda, teri shaan jalle jalalahoo”. I knew all along that he was a saint in disguise. I am proud to know that he made friends like you.
    God bless you.



    July 28, 2008 at 7:43 pm

    Valibhai…..Vijaybhai via the Email gave me the news of the death of Mohamadali Parmar…. I visited his website & paid my respect to a GREAT MAN who had expressed his feelings via the poetry….I expressed my SYMPATHY on the site & also to his son via Email. It was so nice of his son to reply me with his THANKS… I wish I had known Vadilshree Mohamadbhai bofore his death but God makes the CONNECTION his way ! It is nice of you Valibhai to post this on your website.


  5. Mohammedali'wafa'

    August 24, 2008 at 8:40 pm

    May Almighty Allah (S.T.) bless with all grace and pleasure to Late Sufi Saheb. A man with love, affection and humbleness. His philosophy on harmony and unity reflects in his poetry.


  6. Siraj Parmer

    July 24, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    Dear Valibhai,

    Thanks for the English translation post. It is amzing what a click of a mouse can do.

    So well said: “Silence of good people encourages evil indirectly”. Thanks for your support for Late Mohammad Ali Parmar “Suffi”. He was a poet who saw religious bigotry as counter productive. People can do better with harmony and love rather war and hate.



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